Work Does Not End at Izmit 42 Evler Train Station

Works at izmit houses train station never end
Photo: Özgür Kocaeli Newspaper

The construction of the Izmit 42 Evler station on the new line to be used by the commuter train between Adapazarı Arifiye-Pendik, which is being constructed by TCDD, does not end. The station construction, which started in February last year, has not been completed yet.


The works at Izmit 42 Evler station on the new line to be used by the suburban train between Adapazarı Arifiye-Pendik by TCDD do not end. The construction of the electricity and signaling lines, called the new platform and catenary, for the suburban train line in the Izmit 42 Evler area, started in February last year. A new line was added to Adapazarı Arifiye-Pendik suburban train line, which was suspended in 2012 due to the High Speed ​​Train operation and re-opened on a single line after 3 years, and the number was increased to two. The 42 Evler station to be built for the new line has not been completed in nearly two years.


The tender for construction of infrastructure, superstructure and electrification of Gebze-Köseköy Railway 42rd and 3th line station, including 4 Evler Train Station construction, was undertaken by the Ankara company Abu. The company started work in Köseköy, İzmit 42 Evler and Gebze regions at the same time. Ground improvement work was carried out prior to the construction of the station in the İzmit 42 Evler area. Superstructure work also started about a year ago.


The coronavirus outbreak that occurred in last March slowed down the station construction work. The company manager did not completely stop the work after the epidemic occurred, but reduced the personnel by half as part of the measures. The works slowed down, train station construction was delayed. Company executives stated that the station construction will be completely finished after the new year. The construction of 42 Evler Suburban Train Station, which was active years ago, will be completed in the first months of next year. The station will be activated when Adapazarı Commuter Train services, which were suspended due to the pandemic, start.

Source: the Özgürkocael

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