Çalköy Bridge, with a cost of 3.4 Million Lira, Collapsed without Opening

The calkoy bridge, whose cost was million lira, was destroyed without emergency
The calkoy bridge, whose cost was million lira, was destroyed without emergency

Çalköy Bridge, which was started to be built in May after being tendered by the AKP's Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in March 2020 and will be used for transportation of 10 villages, collapsed before its opening. It was learned that the cost of the collapsed bridge was 3 million 440 thousand liras.

According to the news of İsmail Akduman in SÖZCÜ; “The bridge, which was built by the AKP's Metropolitan Municipality in Vezirköprü district and will provide transportation to 10 villages, collapsed before being opened about 15 days ago. It was claimed that the bridge, which was placed on legs placed on only two sides, collapsed because it could not withstand the weight of the poured concrete due to the absence of carrier columns in the middle. It turned out that the municipality will pay 2 million 3 thousand liras to the contractor company for the collapsed bridge.


The bridge, which collapsed before it was built, was brought to the agenda by the CHP Council Members at the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting. Making a statement about the bridge, Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that the bridge had project and manufacturing errors and said, “It was determined that there was a mistake in the construction and project of the Çalköy Bridge. Post-incident investigations were initiated on the collapsed bridge. There are errors in both the construction and the project. He said, "Our municipality does not have the slightest damage because the contractor makes this bridge."

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