Black Sea Mediterranean Motorway Will Increase Samsun's Importance in Trade

Black Sea Mediterranean Motorway will increase the importance of Samsun in trade
Black Sea Mediterranean Motorway will increase the importance of Samsun in trade

The Black Sea-Mediterranean highway project, which Sultan Abdülhamit Han II had French engineers draw, further increases the importance of Samsun, the center of the region in trade. Samsun, which will become the production and logistics base of the Black Sea by highway, continues its sectoral industrial investments.

The Black Sea-Mediterranean Motorway Project, the foundation of which was laid in 1929 and was discontinued in the 1970s, continues. 6 percent of the 818-kilometer highway construction, which will reduce the transportation between Ordu and Mersin to 84 hours, has been completed. The highway, which will affect the trade of 5 provinces, 55 of which are directly, is expected to contribute significantly to Samsun's economy.


Samsun, the only city in the region with all air, sea, rail and road transportation connections, is increasing its power in trade and industrial production by using its geopolitical advantages in sectoral investments. Turkey's 4th largest logistics village life pass the city, Black Sea and is becoming a strategic product storage center of the Middle East countries. Samsun will gain an important position in transportation and transportation with the completion of the Samsun-Sivas railway line and the high-speed train to be operational.


In Samsun, which has made additional investments in its ports, free zones, medium-scale industrial sites and 5 organized industrial zones, the second stage of 214 decares of work continues in Samsun Food OIZ. While the occupancy rate is 70 percent in Bafra OIZ and 50 percent in Kavak OIZ, the second phase works of the organized industrial zones in both districts continue. In Havza Bekdiğin OIZ, which was newly established on 10 thousand decares of land, the number of investor companies is increasing and the land width is increased to 20 thousand decares.


Providing information about the establishment of the Terme and Çarşamba organized industrial zones, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “When the Black Sea-Mediterranean Highway is completed, we will see how it will contribute to our city. Terme and Çarşamba will be a full trade center between Ordu and Samsun. Districts with the highest gross national product will become. We are working on an area of ​​200 decares in order to establish an organized industrial zone in Terme. We push all the conditions. Wednesday organized industrial zone has been finalized, title deeds have been processed and infrastructure works are in preparation. The addition Bafra Agriculture Based Specialized Greenhouse OSB, when Vezirköprü Specialized Livestock OSB and Vezirköprü Agro OSB studies have also been completed Samsun, employment growth and industrial investments point in Turkey will be one of the leading cities, "he said.


Stating that he is ready to provide all kinds of support to business people who want to invest, President Mustafa Demir said, “We are preparing our city for the future in industry and trade. We have to direct the energy of this city to the future and the future. For this reason, we are expanding the Central OIZ with 103 parcels, where there is no empty space for investment. With the allocation of 3 thousand 300 decares of land next to the shipyard area as an industrial zone, the investment area will increase to 4 million 418 thousand 179 square meters. 5 thousand people will be employed with the investment that will cost 30 Billion TL. As production and employment increase, Samsun will win ”.


Mentioning that the infrastructure problems in the industrial zones will be solved, President Demir said, “For example, İlkadım, 19 May, there is a great problem in the infrastructure of organized industrial zones. It is not clear where and what was done. Rainwater was better if the canals were never built. We will review and fix errors. We will renew the infrastructure in all of these areas next year. Like 2022, we will make our roads very elegant and revive the industrial zones. We will complete the infrastructure of the Keresteciler site next year. In Toybelen, SASKI is currently working on drinking water, sewage and rainwater infrastructure. We will have finished all of these in 2021, ”he said.

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