Emergency Manned Reconnaissance Aircraft Trust to TAI

emergency manned exploration planes entrusted to the corpse
emergency manned exploration planes entrusted to the corpse

As the leading aviation company of our country, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) continues to design aircraft of the future, produce structural parts for world aviation giants, and R&D activities without interruption.

TAI also carries out modernization of existing aircraft in line with the requests of the forces, and in terms of logistical support, it carries out activities to keep Emergency Manned Reconnaissance Aircrafts (AIKU) in the inventory of the armed forces ready to fly on a 365/7/24 basis. In this context, TAI provides logistical support to the armed forces on issues such as maintenance, repair and maintenance activities of AİKUs belonging to the armed forces, sending and receiving them to flight, and maintenance before, between and after the flight.

The Turkish Armed Forces, in addition to performing active duty in the fight against terrorism, also perform activities in emergency situations such as search and rescue, earthquake and flood, and have been entrusted to the experienced team of Turkish Aerospace Industry since 2018. Carrying out maintenance, repair and maintenance activities of aircraft, TAI continues to provide logistics support services to AIKU aircraft. TAI, which carries out the logistics activities of reconnaissance aircraft in the inventory of the Armed Forces as a single source, operates 7/24 with its experienced technical staff.

In many provinces of Turkey maintenance, repair and maintenance activities, which can conduct TAI, logistic services such as our country needs in addition to product development continues to achieve successful operation.


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