'Take Care of Your Lungs, My Liver' to Avoid Lung Cancer Risk

Take care of your lungs to avoid the risk of lung cancer
Take care of your lungs to avoid the risk of lung cancer

Roche Pharmaceuticals Turkey, to draw attention to the scope of this important disease Lung Cancer Awareness Month "My lungs Lung Look Good" slogan was preparing a new film that share through digital channels.

This year, everyone is called to take care of their lungs on social media in the 1-minute film featuring athletes, dieticians and specialist doctors.

Roche Pharmaceuticals Turkey, the campaign was already preparing to increase social awareness for Lung Cancer Awareness Month in 2018 added a new one to the movies. The film, which is a continuation of the films that have been brought to life with actor Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan and former football player Metin Tekin in the past years, is broadcast on digital channels with the slogan "Take care of your lungs". Sportsman Seda Altın, Dietician Berrin Yiğit, Medical Oncologist Prof. Dr. Umut Demirci and Medical Oncologist Assoc. Dr. Famous names such as Özlem Sönmez, who have expertise in different fields, raise awareness of the society by drawing attention to lung cancer through the film.

In the film, which Seda Altın and Berrin Yiğit invited the audience to live life to the fullest with sports to avoid the risk of lung cancer, to eat right and get rid of bad habits, Umut Demirci and Özlem Sönmez share important information and symptoms about lung cancer. Noting that it is one of its species, Prof. Dr. However, Umut Demirci underlines that not every lung cancer should be kept the same. 1 Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez says that persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain and loss of appetite are among the symptoms of lung cancer, and those who have these symptoms should not neglect to consult a doctor. 2,3,4

You can watch movies from the 2020 campaign rocheturki social media channels, you can share to spread awareness.

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