Boarding Starts with HES Code in Public Transport in Antalya

Boarding started with account code in public transport in Antalya
Boarding started with account code in public transport in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the integration works of Antalyakart and HEPP system, which are used in public transportation, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. Citizens using public transportation need to fill in the relevant fields on the address "" to their Antalya cards and make a definition.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has completed the technical studies carried out to ensure the integration of Antalyakart and HEPP systems within the scope of the circular titled "HEPP Code Inquiry in Urban Public Transportation" dated 29.09.2020 and numbered 15993 by the Ministry of Interior. As part of the studies, all citizens using public transport can use their Antalya cards or contactless credit card numbers used in public transportation. It needs to match the HES codes through its address.


After the Ministry of Health's HES code is identified with Antalya card, the Antalya cards of the citizens diagnosed with Covid-19 or in contact will be suspended during the isolation period. Although he was informed that he had to be in isolation because he was diagnosed with Covid-19 or had a contact, the information of people who were found to be using public transportation vehicles will be shared with the Ministry of Health in order to apply the necessary administrative sanctions and, if necessary, to file a criminal complaint. With the work carried out, it is aimed to support people who are diagnosed with Covid-19 or who are in contact, to comply with the isolation rules.


The Antalyakart and HES Code identification process carried out within the scope of combating coronavirus is only will be done on the website. In order to prevent the risk of contamination and avoid density, transactions cannot be carried out at card centers.

Boarding started with account code in public transport in Antalya


Citizens who have not been diagnosed with coronavirus and have not been in contact but have not received a HES code to date will first receive a HES code when they want to use public transportation. Citizens with smart phones will be able to download the HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) application to their phones and receive HES code through the application. It will be entered into the "HES Code Transactions" section on the Hayat Eve Sığar application. Clicking the "Generate HEPP Code" button, the code usage period will be selected and the code will be created.

If the citizens who want to get HES code via text message write HES and leave a space between them, write the last 4 digits of the Turkish ID Serial Number and the sharing period as the number of days and send a text message to 2023, their HES Codes will be sent to their phones as a text message.

On E-Government, on the other hand, by entering the "HES Code Generation and Listing" section, the name of whom it will be produced is selected and the continue button is clicked. The code is created by selecting the code usage period.

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