7 Billion Lira-Worth Highway Investment in Kastamonu

billion lira worth of highway investment in Kastamonuya
billion lira worth of highway investment in Kastamonuya

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu paid a visit to the city to examine the ongoing transportation investments in Kastamonu and to hold various contacts.

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who came to the Kırık Dam Variant Road construction site within the scope of the program, said in a statement he made here, that over 18 billion transportation and communication investments have been made in Kastamonu in the last 6 years. Underlining that the length of the road, which was 2002 km before 47, has now been increased to 329 kilometers, our Minister said, “So far, we have built 138 kilometers of highway, 11 kilometers of double-tube tunnels and 91 bridges in Kastamonu for the service of our people. "We increased the amount of highway investment made between 1993-2002 by 23 times to 5 billion 623 million liras."

Emphasizing that the total cost of 8 highway investments in Kastamonu is approaching 7 billion lira, our Minister added that the road construction work for more than 430 kilometers is continuing and these works will be completed as soon as possible.

Review Kastamonu-Çankırı way they make the project of Turkey's global logistics force will offer important contribution to reach the Minister pointed out that only one of the projects Karaismailoğlu, the words continued as follows:

"Not only Kastamonu, Çankırı-Kastamonu Turkey will add value to all of our Road project it has a total length of approximately 56 kilometers. Included in this length is the Broken Dam Variant of about 20 kilometers. The total cost of our project, which we will complete in 2021, exceeds 1 billion 876 million TL. Within the scope of the project, there are 10 double-tube tunnels of 811 thousand 2 meters, 288 cut-and-cover single-tube tunnels of 2 meters, 364 double bridges of 3 meters and 149 crossroads of 3 meters. We completed the construction of a 1339-kilometer split road, 101 double bridges, a crossroads and 36,4 July Istiklal Tunnel with excavation support works and 2-meter final concrete works in the 15-meter Kırık Tunnel included in our project. We carried out the tender for the 19,4 kilometer Broken Dam Relocation Road, which is also included in the project plan, and our work continues rapidly. "

Kastamonu 712 kilometers of state roads, 580 kilometers of our Minister also expressed that there were a total of 1.292 kilometers of roads, including the provincial road network: "We currently have 600 kilometers of tunnels way state in Turkey. We have 200 kilometers more tunnel under construction. In 2002 total path length of the tunnel was 50 kilometers in Turkey. Our tunnel length currently operating in Kastamonu is 11 kilometers. There is a tunnel length of 47 kilometers with those under construction. I would like to express the dimension of our country as an example ”.

Pointing out that while only 2002 million lira of highway investment was made in Kastamonu until 246, 5,6 billion lira has been invested in Kastamonu, and that the total investment in the highway since 2002 is 9,6 billion lira.

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