Shared Cycling Period in Bursa

Shared Cycling Period in Bursa
Shared Cycling Period in Bursa

Shared bicycle stops established in 7 different regions of Bursa in order to increase urban mobility and encourage environmentally friendly transportation vehicles were put into service by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş. President Aktaş, who tested the system on Cumhuriyet Street together with AK Party Bursa Deputy Refik Özen, said, "We aim to make widespread use of this sustainable practice, which we think will attract the attention of tourists and young people in particular."

The Metropolitan Municipality, which contributes to the livability of Bursa in every area with the investments it has made, is a shared bicycle, which is also included in the Covid-19 Normalization Action Plan, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, contributing to citizen and urban health, increasing urban mobility and the sustainability of the city with an environmentalist approach. established the system. Scope of work; Shared bicycle stops were put into service at 7 different points in Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Mudanya and Gölyazı. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with AK Party Bursa Deputy Refik Özen, came to the bicycle stop on Cumhuriyet Street and rented. President Aktaş, with deputy Özen, cycling from Zafer Plaza to Ertuğrulbey Meydan Cafe and tested the system.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said in a statement that they aimed to ensure integration of public transportation with the shared bicycle system, to reduce the use of individual vehicles and to spread public transportation. For this purpose, Mayor Aktaş stated that the bicycle stops are located in Şehreküstü Metro Station, BUDO pier and Gölyazı-Burbak Car Park and said, "In addition, with this system, urban transportation will be facilitated and the parking problem will be reduced." Stating that they will contribute to the encouragement of the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation vehicles with the application, which they think will attract the attention of tourists and young people in particular, President Aktaş said, “In addition to the shared bicycle system, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Pirinç Han, BUDO pier, Gölyazı Square , Hüdavendigar City Park and Botanic Park, portable bicycle repair stations were installed in 5 different points. With the bicycle repair stations, our citizens will be able to solve the problems they encounter while using their own bicycles practically, quickly and free of charge ”. Mayor Aktaş wished that the practice that will contribute to the increase in the use of bicycles in Bursa will lead to good luck.

AK Party Bursa Deputy Refik Özen said that he believes that the shared bicycle service will attract the attention of Bursa citizens. Wishing that the project that will contribute to the citizens' healthy life and mobility will be beneficial, Özen said, “I believe that the number of stops will increase in the coming days and the traffic problem will decrease. I congratulate President Aktaş and his team ”.

Citizens who want to take advantage of the shared bicycle service in Bursa will be able to rent an application that they can download to their mobile phones. When finished, the bikes can be left at any shared bike stop in the area.

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