Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Inn will be brought back to İzmir

Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Inn will be brought back to İzmir
Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Inn will be brought back to İzmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will bring the Yıldız Cinema in Basmane and the Bıçakçı Han to its feet and bring them back to the city life. Stating that they have purchased and restored these two buildings, which have left their mark on the recent past, but have been abandoned to their fate in recent years, the President said. Tunç SoyerHe said, “Both historical buildings will bring a different excitement to the cultural and artistic life of our city and will serve as a lever that will lift the place where it is located, namely Basmane, our historical district.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to protect the symbolic structures and places of the city's history. This time, the Metropolitan took action for the Yıldız Cinema, which left a mark in the city's recent past, and Bıçakçı Han. The Metropolitan Municipality, which bought two buildings in Basmane for a total of 26 million TL, will restore both buildings to the social and cultural life of the city.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who held a meeting at Yıldız Cinema in order to announce the project to the public. Tunç Soyer“We were all saddened by the fact that these two symbolic structures, which have a precious place in the social and cultural memory of the city and in the hearts of the people of Izmir, have been abandoned to their fate in recent years or that they have been misused. Moreover, both structures are located in the historical city center, south of Basmane Train Station, on the cultural route between Agora, Hatuniye Square, Altınpark and St.

"It will also be a sociological meeting point"

Emphasizing that they have purchased these two buildings, Soyer said, “We will complete our restoration works in two years and turn Yıldız Cinema into one of the most popular art and show centers in Izmir, worthy of its glorious past. There are venues above Yıldız Cinema. We will build a cinema museum. The old owners protected very well. There are film machines, even printed tickets. Bıçakçı Inn is very well preserved, so we will open it in two months. We will open with a New Year's market. With a survey, we'll ask the public what they want to see there. Both historical buildings will bring a different excitement to the cultural and artistic life of our city and will serve as a lever that will lift the place where our historical district Basmane region is. Here there are areas where urban poor and refugees live. Therefore, this place will also be an important sociological meeting point ”. President Soyer thanked Yüksel Kazmirci, the owner of Yıldız Cinema, and said, "Preserving this place for such a long time requires great respect for history and the city."

CHP General Secretary and İzmir Deputy Selin Sayek Böke, Deputy Chairman of Organization and Organization Management Oğuz Kaan Salıcı, Deputy Chairman of Local Governments Seyit Torun, CHP deputies, İzmir Provincial President Deniz Yücel, district mayors, CHP District mayors, municipal bureaucrats, limited number of guests and journalists attended as part of pandemic measures.

Zeki Müren opened it with his concert

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, emphasized that they continue to protect the history of İzmir as a requirement of the culture of consensus, common sense and fidelity that permeates the spirit of İzmir's thousands of years of rooted past. Providing information about the place of the two symbolic structures in the city's memory, Soyer said: “Bıçakçı Han was built on the historical caravan route for the accommodation of caravans. Later, until the 1950s, it was used as a 'family house' for the storage of goods coming and going to the city, and for a while, where our low-income citizens were accommodated. Lastly, it was used as a warehouse by Telekom. Yıldız Cinema, on the other hand, used to be a summer cinema, but in 1953 it was converted into a closed cinema. It was rebuilt in 1957 and opened its doors with its current name on March 22 with a Zeki Müren concert. Yıldız Cinema became a cultural center where many different artistic events take place, from magician shows to various concerts, from operettas to theaters, and even hosted the competitions of our country and Swedish national wrestling teams in 1955.”

They will become a new destination

Emphasizing that Yıldız Cinema, where the best films meet with the people of İzmir and which has a very special place for İzmir residents, is used as an astro pitch, billiard hall and parking lot today, and Bıçakçı Han is left idle to its fate, Soyer said, “This is why our municipality is He bought outstanding buildings. Yıldız Cinema has 700 square meters, and Bıçakçı Han has a closed area of ​​2 square meters. We are talking about a usage area of ​​approximately 690 thousand 4 square meters. Our main goal is to complete the maintenance, repair and restoration works within the framework of the historical value they carry, and to make Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Han a new destination for the citizens and turn them into an important value for the promotion of İzmir ”.

Electric Factory reminder from Böke

CHP İzmir deputy Secretary General and Selin Sayek Boke, carrying the legacy of the past to the future of these steps is very important, saying that "this association sums up everything about the current state of Turkey. The surplus on one side, from the plunder, while the central government approach that uses the preference in favor of 1 percent, on the other hand 'Another Turkey' vision describing the very center of politics, the CHP and do speak a political will to implement the local government. If the government decisively chooses to use all the resources of the public for 1 percent, the CHP's future vision is to choose to use those resources in favor of the people. We see a politics that protects the legacy of the past and carries it to the future against the power that is determined to destroy the legacy of the past. This is exactly why I would like to say that I am excited. Today, we could be experiencing the enthusiasm of bringing the Electricity Factory, which was won by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to the public again. However, we cannot open the Electricity Factory today, as the central government has moved by destroying local governments for its own power. On the other hand, this opening we have made today provides the assurance of bringing that factory to the city when the new second century steps are taken under the CHP rule. If we wrote the founding story of the first century, we will write the story of the second century. Today, we have the democratic, social state-based and populist understanding of the second century in our local governments. We announce to all Izmir from Basmane that a new economic order will be taken, where the balance of the local center is established properly, the center does business with the local, and an understanding of public interest is dominant ”.

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