Who is Serenad Bağcan, How Old?

Who is Serenad Bağcan?
Who is Serenad Bağcan?

📩 04/01/2023 08:58

Serenad Bağcan, Turkish musician. He was born in Ankara to a family of musicians. He completed his high school and university education in the same city.

Having a long-established musician family, Serenad Bağcan has a history that inevitably blends with music. master artist Selda is known throughout Turkey and the world Baðcan aunt.

Although Serenad Bağcan is a graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, he never worked in this profession. Before starting the soloist showed interest in sports and table tennis became the champion of Turkey. He showed interest in mandolin and blockchain at an early age and took piano lessons from his aunt Selda Bağcan. Later he joined the Ankara Children's Choir. He studied Classical Western Music. In the following period, he entered the State Polyphonic Choir as an alto artist. In 2011, when the soloist who would sing Nazım Hikmet Oratorio and Metin Altıok Lamentations in the state choir did not come, he was encouraged by the choir chief. He then started performing with Fazıl Say and was the soloist of the albums İlk Şarkılar and Yeni Şarkılar. Fazıl Say talks about him as "After years I found the voice I was looking for".

Bağcan released his first solo album named Serenad in May 2019.

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