Bağcılar and Ümraniye Regional Employment Offices Opened

Bağcılar and Ümraniye Regional Employment Offices Opened
Bağcılar and Ümraniye Regional Employment Offices Opened

İBB opened the 6th "Regional Employment Offices" in Bağcılar and the 7th in Ümraniye. Opening in Bağcılar, 3 workers who found a job through offices and this way kazanImamoglu, who held the meeting with 3 employer representatives, emphasized that their aim is to "instill hope" in hopeless young people. Emphasizing that they have implemented an unusual model, İmamoğlu said, “We want to give a concrete example of how we can meet our citizens with an egalitarian approach, without favors, without favoritism, and we are doing this. That's why we always tell our citizens; 'Never give up hope'. We will overcome these difficult days together; We will overcome it together, we will overcome it with a sense of mobilization," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) opened the 6th Regional Employment Offices in Bağcılar and the 7th in Ümraniye. İmamoğlu attended the opening of Bağcılar Regional Employment Office, which was opened simultaneously with Ümraniye and located within the Ebu Bekir Cultural Center. İSPER A.Ş. İmamoğlu, who received information about the works from General Manager Ayşe Banu Saraçlar, met the employees in the office where he made examinations. Speaking before the opening, İmamoğlu emphasized that every opening of the Employment Office made him very happy. Saying, “Because I seem to see the success we will achieve there, the people, families and young people we will make happy”, İmamoğlu underlined that their goal is to reach 12 offices by the end of the year.


Pointing out that the employment offices are trying to create a model of meeting the workforce needs with the right identities, İmamoğlu said, “Centers that will enable our young people or citizens who need a job to receive a good vocational training and enjoy the pride of being able to get the job they deserve are formed. When we say 'We will find employment for 200 thousand people', we try to explain an unusual model. We create the most modern, most civilized and fair method of benefiting from the workforce we deserve in the regional employment offices ”. Sharing the information that the office in Bağcılar was established at a strategic point close to Esenler and Göngören districts, İmamoğlu said, “Our friends have created a center here that will appeal to a population of more than 1,5 million people. It is not enough to position our office here, to position another office in a busy district like Ümraniye. We will announce and introduce these offices, and our colleagues here will also provide a very valuable and high quality service ”.


Pointing out that we have had troubled times as a country, İmamoğlu emphasized that the problems experienced with the pandemic process grew even more. "In this respect, we're not here of course, the pursuit of creating a miracle," said İmamoğlu, "We're not out of this economic data to solve the employment problem in Turkey or Istanbul. It is the government of that country that will solve the economy, employment and unemployment problems of a country. It is the government that is responsible, and it is the government that will solve it; success too. Let's underline this clearly ”he said. Stating that their aim is to “instill hope” in hopeless young people, İmamoğlu said, “We wish to give a concrete example of how to meet citizens with an egalitarian understanding without favoritism and favoritism, and we do this. That's why we always tell our citizens; "Do not give up hope". We will overcome these difficult days altogether; We will overcome it in unison, we will surpass it with a sense of mobilization ”.


Stressing that youth unemployment is one of the most important problems, İmamoğlu said, “Our young people, especially well-educated youth, do not hesitate to leave the country. This does not happen. What does it mean to leave your country? It is the responsibility of us, the managers, to open a field for them, to make them productive in this country. In this respect, we are ending this despair, ”he said. Sharing the information that they will add İSMEK to this process in addition to İSPER, İmamoğlu said:

“We will contribute to the acquisition of professions for our citizens in accordance with today's needs, in accordance with today's technologies, as well as in its history. When we do all these, it is an atmosphere that can benefit from all the blessings of this heavenly homeland, this beautiful country, the most beautiful city of the world, Istanbul, on the contrary, who wants to go abroad or leave this country as soon as possible. We promise our people with such centers and educational institutions. Our esteemed General Manager gave a number of jobs that went towards 8000 just before. In this sense, I very much hope that this number will increase rapidly and the negotiations will continue efficiently. We had employer representatives accompanying us at the opening of this office. It is precisely our source of pride to see the satisfaction of our employer representatives, and even see that our young employee, whom we help find a job there, doing their jobs efficiently. In this sense, it is very important for us to increase the number, especially to create job opportunities in every profession. "


Emphasizing that his basic principles are merit, İmamoğlu said: “We say; everyone who deserves to get the value they deserve, get their job in the position and rank they deserve Therefore, we attach importance to merit and we oppose favoritism. If you maintain a sense of justice in a society and cherish its hopes, then you have a chance to achieve anything in society. We know; In each of our families, children are equal when they are born. Therefore, it is our responsibility to give shape to the future of our country and to train good minds, good scientists, technical people in favor of reason and science, teachers, workers, masters, experts in every subject. And I hope that When we complete all 12, we will access incredible data and numbers together. And maybe we will embrace our friends and fellow citizens who proudly obtain job opportunities that cannot fit in big big environments. I wish the continuity of this beautiful service. "


After the speeches, Bağcılar and Ümraniye Regional Employment Offices were opened. Imamoglu, 3 laborers who found a job through the offices and this way, the opening ribbon kazanthe moment cut with 3 employer representatives. İBB had previously opened employment offices in Küçükçekmece, Şişli, Kartal, Sancaktepe and Büyükçekmece.

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