Buffalo Tea Is Reborn

Buffalo Tea Is Reborn
Buffalo Tea Is Reborn

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality solved another environmental problem of the city. The rehabilitation project implemented by the General Directorate of IZSU in the region where the Manda Stream passing through the city meets the Izmir Bay has been completed. Cleaned and fed with sea water, Manda Stream has a brand new appearance visually.

After two months of work carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate on the Manda Stream, the flow of pollution to the Gulf was prevented and a new attraction center for the city. kazanyelled. A comprehensive improvement project has been implemented in the area where the Manda Stream, flowing into Izmir Bay, meets the sea. Among the districts with the most residential and business centers in İzmir Bayraklı60 personnel, 26 trucks and 11 construction equipment worked uninterruptedly for two months within the scope of the project, which has been transferred to another year. The General Directorate of IZSU, which carried out such a comprehensive study for the first time in the Manda Stream, which carried soil and mud to the bay throughout its history, also eliminated the odor problem in the region with the permanent improvement work.

Sea water is pumped with pumps

Within the scope of the works, İZSU teams removed the mud that reached an average height of 6-7 meters, then laid 200-400 kilogram stone blocks on the floor and covered it with concrete. In order to solve the problem of pollution and odor caused by the stagnant waters accumulated in the stream bed during the dry seasons, circulation pumps were installed from the point where the Manda Stream meets the bay. Clean water taken from the sea is given to the stream through a 1-kilometer pipeline. In the works carried out on a total area of ​​13 thousand square meters, 60 thousand cubic meters of sludge was removed from the ground.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the works in the region on site last month and received information about the project from Aysel Özkan, General Manager of İZSU.

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