Centuries-old Plane Trees Under Protection in İzmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed scientific studies for the survival of the monumental trees which are the natural assets of the city, has also taken centuries-old plane trees on Gazi Boulevard in this context. The Metropolitan Municipality, which concluded the tender for bakım tree restoration, maintenance and repair ılan for the treatment of old trees throughout the city, started the improvement works of the trees in Gazi Boulevard.

In a statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was not possible that the works carried out during the tram line passing through Gazi Boulevard would not damage the roots of plane trees. The works on the rehabilitation of plane trees on Gazi Boulevard consist of a process that started long before the tram project and is still continuing. ”

In Buca Kaynaklar, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which saves the 1000 registered tree including N 6, plane tree with “special fillings, and protects and maintains more than 100 centuries old plane tree throughout the city, has declared mobilization to keep the trees on Gazi Boulevard. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been awarded a tender for the restoration, maintenance and repair of old trees in Izmir, has also started improvement works for Gazi Boulevard trees in this context.

The tram did not affect the work
Stating that the excavation and stabilization of the ground during the tram works on Gazi Boulevard will not damage the roots of plane trees, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the progressive age of plane trees and different environmental factors affect plant health. Tram Sycamore trees are deeply rooted and have a very strong root structure. In order to carry tons of weight, especially in proportion to its age, deep root formation is essential for plants to hold onto the soil. During the construction process of the rails, no deep excavation or a process to loosen the ground profile was made, and the excavation works were limited to the route of the rails. ”

Protected since 2007
Routine maintenance work, such as pruning of trees, is done in a way to ensure the root-body balance every year, officials of the Metropolitan Municipality said:
“In some cases, advancing plant age, other trees, depending on the distance to buildings and light and physically oriented to areas that support plant development, can change the normal shape and center of gravity of the trees. In locations such as Gazi Boulevard where there is heavy vehicle traffic, direct exhaust and / or other organic volatile compound emissions may adversely affect both plane trees and trees belonging to other plant species in the city. In addition, within the scope of the 'monumental tree maintenance and restoration work', 2007 trees were cleaned from harmful organisms and treated with decaying and dead tissues in Gazi Boulevard last year. The tender for the çıktı tree restoration maintenance and repair work yönelik for the whole city has been concluded and improvement works have been started for Gazi Boulevard trees. Kapsam

Before the environment
Adopting an eco-friendly approach by prioritizing rail systems in public transportation investments, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has acted with the same sensitivity during the construction of the trolley investment that stands out in all modern cities of the world. Especially in the construction of Konak Tramway, important changes were made in the project in order to prevent damage to the green texture and trees of the city. Due to tram works, 930 new trees were planted in place of mandatory relocated trees and shrubs. Thus, the number of trees on the route was increased 221 units. In order to protect the mulberry trees in Şair Eşref Boulevard, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality changed the Konak Tram line project and took all necessary precautions to prevent trees from being affected by the project and completed the project.

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