The strike of the strike has damaged the workers' desired hike

The strike of the strike was damaged by the workers, and the workers were overwhelmed by the hike: On the 4 day of the strike in IZBAN, the citizens felt the traffic jam most intensely. IZBAN workers wanted to increase the rate of the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality Metropolitan Municipality annually cost 650 thousand pounds, the strike due to the strike in the 4 turned out to be one million 80 thousand pounds

Metropolitan, which did not give 650 thousand liras hike in the year that the workers wanted in İZBAN, damaged more than one million liras in 4 days due to the strike. The strike in İZBAN, the heart of Izmir traffic, was felt most intensely on the 4th day.

While the 16.5 percent hike rate demanded by İZBAN workers from the Metropolitan Municipality will bring an extra 650 thousand liras to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality annually, it turned out that the loss of 4 days due to the strike in İZBAN is one million 80 thousand liras.

The İZBAN strike, which has been going on for 4 days in Izmir, continues to paralyze life. With the strike that started on Tuesday, the people of Izmir tried to provide transportation to their homes and businesses by bus and private vehicles, while the bus stops and the traffic on the roads brought the city traffic to a halt.

As it was the last day of the week yesterday, traffic became a real ordeal. Having to go to work with their own vehicles in the morning, Izmir residents spent hours in traffic that stretched for kilometers. In the workplaces in the city centers, the shortage of parking increased the traffic problem of the citizens. Regarding the issue, both the IZBAN Organized Railroad Union and the Metropolitan side of the AK Party Izmir Provincial President Bülent Delican said, “There is an important and unmanageable crisis in İzmir. The 16.5 percent hike rate demanded by İZBAN workers will bring an extra 650 thousand liras to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, while the 4-day loss has reached 1 million 80 thousand liras due to the strike in İZBAN. ”


Delican said that he met with the workers, İZBAN General Manager, union president, TCDD Regional Manager and Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, “I met with our workers brothers. I reminded how valuable reconciliation is. These friends became a plague over İzmir.

Because so many people are going to school.
I also said that these people were plague over us. When these people are happy they will drive those trains much healthier. Do not forget that these people, as a machinist, are in charge of these trains in applications that also fall below the minimum wage, they also carry our children. We have to please them, too. We have to find a compromise here. The biggest deficiency I have seen is the lack of dialogue and the second is the lack of wages. ”


Delican said that there should be a compromise between the parties as soon as possible, “The President says 'I gave 15 percent.' For one thing, this is a partner company. Partners make a decision. It seems to me that I gave it as if it was 'favored'. İZBAN gave 15 percent. Improvement is made through dialogue again. We expect reconciliation from our worker brothers. This business needs to be resolved very clearly by the parties. If the Metropolitan continues its 1.5% stubbornness, it will be harder for the people of Izmir in the coming days. ” Reminding Kocaoğlu's proposal to “get out of the house early” to İzmir residents in response to the İZBAN strike, Delican said, “Managers cannot solve this problem by removing the nation early. They cannot solve it with additional flights. These additional flights are also a cost. ”

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