Dynamic Crossroads Implementation in Ordu

Dynamic Crossroads Implementation in Ordu
Dynamic Crossroads Implementation in Ordu

The intersection arrangement studies that were initiated to prevent traffic congestion in Ordu continue.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has previously carried out intersection arrangement works at many points and has provided a visible relief in traffic with these works, has recently completed the expansion and renovation works initiated at the (Yeni Mahalle) Fındıklı Junction and put it into service.


Coşkun Alp, Secretary General of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the works carried out on site, said, “As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we started arrangement works at intersections throughout the district in order to minimize the traffic density in Altınordu district and to ensure comfortable travel of our citizens. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, arrangements were made at the Municipal Junction, Sivas Junction, Russian Market Junction, Mevlana Junction and Dörtyol intersections. Finally, we completed the arrangement works in (Yeni Mahalle) Fındıklı Junction within 3 days and put it into service. With this renewed intersection work, we completed the arrangement work at 6 intersections in our city and provided great relief in urban transportation. Finally, with the work we will do at the Port Junction, we will renovate and modernize all of the intersections in Altınordu, ”he said.


Stating that they will switch to the "Dynamic Intersection" application in Altınordu district after the intersection arrangement works, Alp said, "After the last intersection arrangement work we will do in Altınordu district, we will switch to the" Dynamic Intersection "application. With this application, we will prevent traffic density. In addition, with the dynamic intersection application, the waiting times of our drivers at the lights will be minimized. I hope these works will be beneficial for our province and districts ”.

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