Removed citrus trees adorn the entrance of Antalya

📩 03/12/2018 16:35

Dismantled citrus trees decorated the entrance of Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality removed the citrus trees on the Meydan-EXPO 2016 rail system route on the airport road and planted it on the Prison Junction and the middle median of Antalya Boulevard.

Previously, the Metropolitan Municipality, which transported the trees at Mevlana Junction and Altınova Junction to the Anatolian Junction and Sarısu Women's Beach in order to prevent damage from the interchanged crossroads, did a similar work for the trees on the Meydan-EXPO 2016 light rail route.

Park and Gardens Department teams, the rail system will pass the central route in the center of 300 near the orange tree to avoid damage to the first pruned. Trees were then dismantled from the roots with the help of special machinery. After caring for the citrus trees, it was carefully planted in the middle refueling and Prison Junction between the Otogar and the Fatih Overpass. Citrus trees, which are the symbols of Antalya, adorned the entrance of the city.


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