Bursa Model Factory and Bosch Join Forces for Digital Transformation

Bursa Model Factory and Bosch Join Forces for Digital Transformation
Bursa Model Factory and Bosch Join Forces for Digital Transformation

Being among the leading companies in the world in the field of technology and IoT, with the Bursa Model Factory, which was established by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) to facilitate the transition of SMEs to Industry 4.0, Bosch joins its forces to prepare the Bursa industry for the future.

Steven Young, President of Bosch in Turkey and the Middle East, which operates in the BCCI under the leadership of Demirtas Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Model Factory visited. Steven Young, who examined the facility with BTSO Board of Directors Chairman İbrahim Burkay and BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener, received information about the establishment purpose of the Model Factory and the services offered to industrialists.

After the examination, a meeting was held with the participation of Bosch's top managers. At the meeting, where the cooperation opportunities of Bursa Model Factory and Bosch were evaluated, the issues of organizing training programs in partnership with the two institutions in order to increase the competencies of industrialists in Bursa in the field of digital transformation, providing consultancy services to companies and adapting the existing hardware and software in the Model Factory to digital transformation came to the fore.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa when they came into office in 2013, said he called Turkey's Detroit. Mayor Burkay, who stated that they determined that the Baden Württemberg region of Germany, where Stuttgart is located instead of Detroit, would be a more suitable model for Bursa as a result of their researches around the world, said that similar to Baden Württemberg, they started to implement projects that would transform the classical industry in Bursa. Chairman Burkay said, “After BUTEKOM, Centers of Excellence, MESYEB, Energy Efficiency Center, we finally brought the Bursa Model Factory to our city. With Model Factory, we guide our companies in lean production and digitalization. We also need partners with whom we can cooperate in this project. Bosch is one of the institutions we care about most. I believe that both with its competence in this field and its human resources, Bosch will make important contributions to the Model Factory. Bursa Model Factory We are aiming to become the only institution in the world is not cited in Turkey. " he spoke.


Steven Young, President of Bosch in Turkey and the Middle East, said the industry is passing through a tremendous change across the globe. Emphasizing that Bursa industry should also prepare for this change quickly, Young said, “In the transformation in the industry, there is a need for exemplary facilities and model factories. Bursa Model Factory, which was implemented under the leadership of BTSO and under the leadership of Mr. İbrahim Burkay, is a project that all industrialists can adopt. As Bosch, we evaluated how we can integrate the experience we have gained in areas such as industry 4.0 and the internet of things with the industrialists in Bursa together with the BTSO. " said.


That it takes place in Bursa, Turkey's most important industrial organizations expressing Steven Young continued his speech as follows: "the infrastructure of Bursa automotive industry, automotive industry, textile and machinery industries accounted for. Currently, there is a serious threat, especially in the automotive supplier industry. Global automotive companies are now implementing joint purchasing practices and want all their suppliers to be included in the industry 4.0 ecosystem. If you do not have a plan or study on this subject, you cannot take part in the supply of new products of these companies. That's why we can start with automotive. We need to prepare the industrialist of Bursa for this. Bursa Model Factory is a very important facility. When the industrialists look back in 5 years, they will understand the importance of this facility much better. "

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