Energy Efficiency and Lean Transformation Seminar for Industrialists with HOSAB

energy efficiency and lean transformation seminar
energy efficiency and lean transformation seminar

Energy Efficiency Center (EVM) and Bursa Model Factory experts operating under the roof of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry gave information about 'Energy efficiency and lean transformation' processes to Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone (HOSAB) member companies.

Speaking in the program "Energy Efficiency and Lean Transformation in Enterprises", Ömer Faruk Korun, Chairman of the Board of HOSAB, stated that the seminar held in digital environment due to the epidemic will provide great advantages to companies, saying, “We broke new ground in HOSAB history. We conducted our training in the digital environment due to the corona virus outbreak, which we previously planned in the conference hall. An important organization for us. Speakers took advantage of useful information on energy efficiency and lean manufacturing, which is important for companies. Thank you to everyone who participated. ” said.


BTSO EVM Manager Canpolat Çakal said that the Energy Efficiency Center (EVM), which operates under BTSO MESYEB, has been working since January 2016. Stating that the center authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey also provides Energy Efficiency Consultancy services, Çakal also provides energy efficiency studies, energy efficiency measurements, TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System Consultancy service, energy efficiency trainings, process improvement and lean studies. He emphasized that Efficiency Enhancing Project (VAP) preparation services are provided.


Canpolat Çakal said that with the energy management system consultancy service, he can also benefit from state supports in VAP applications. He emphasized that industrial enterprises that fulfill the requirements of the regulation can receive 30 percent of their annual energy bill from the state thanks to the projects prepared within the scope of energy efficiency consultancy service. Turkey's energy saving potential $ 8 billion stated that the Jackal, "Hasanağa that members of BCCI OSB evm'n the company to provide businesses with the advantages of energy efficiency as well as the opportunities we have the opportunity to transfer. We have to use our energy efficiently for our country and our future. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the organization of the program. ” said.


Elif Abraş Aydoğan, Industrial Engineer and Lean Transformation Specialist at Bursa Model Factory, shared the details of the model created by taking the concept of “Value” into the mission of model factories and Bursa Model Factory. Expressing that Bursa Model Factory makes a difference in providing the necessary gains for lean transformation and digitalization, Aydoğan said that “The most important feature of this system, which is designed to create added value, is that it combines process efficiency and energy efficiency under one roof. Offer participants the opportunity to personally apply how lean tools and digitalization applications are realized in a real production area. Model Factory provides us with a great learning opportunity for Bursa and the surrounding cities. With the 'diagnostic' methods applied in the production areas, it is realized with the application support of the lean experts of Bursa Model Factory to the industrial organizations in the implementation of the improvements specific to the organization, where each sector and every industrial facility is evaluated on its own. KOSGEB also supports up to 70 thousand TL to the enterprises that will receive training from Bursa Model Factory. ” he spoke.



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