National Electronic Clamp to be Delivered to the Ministry of Justice in September

will be delivered to the ministry of justice in september
Photograph: Ministry of Industry and Technology

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the electronic clamps nationalized under the Industry Cooperation Projects (SIP) will be delivered to the Ministry of Justice for testing purposes starting from September. Noting that the handcuffs were imported from an Israeli company prior to SIP, Minister Varank stated that demand for nationalized products started to come from abroad.


The Ministry of Industry and Technology plays a leading role for public institutions and organizations to use domestic and national products. Ministry, SİP and public administrations; It aims to make purchases involving innovation, localization and technology transfer with a technology-oriented project management approach and to utilize the opportunities and capabilities at home to the maximum extent.


Within the scope of SIP, Electronic Monitoring System Service Procurement tender was held in order to provide rehabilitation, to integrate with the society, to prevent crime again, to ensure public safety and to create an alternative to the harsh effect of the punishment by the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Criminal and Detention Houses. .


As a result of the tender, the electronic monitoring software, the electronic clamp, the house arrest unit, the victim monitoring unit, the instant monitoring system, the alcohol monitoring unit and the modules, software and electronic circuit boards that constitute the said units started to be designed, developed and produced domestically. After the completion of the test stages, from January 1, 2021, foreign products will be completely disabled and replaced by national products.


Minister Varank visited Ortem, which produces clamps together with Mahrek Technology and maintains its activities in the Information Valley, under the main contractor of STM (Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.). Varank, who received information from Ortem General Manager Ömer Şahin Karaman during the visit, examined the prototypes of the electronic clamps nationalized at the production facility. Evaluate the visit, Varank said:


probation services applications have the use of electronic handcuffs in Turkey. In the previous processes, all of the electronic clamps were imported from an Israeli company from abroad. This year, we have set out how we can make a localization in the new tender with the Industry Cooperation Project with our Minister of Justice. Within the scope of this tender, domestic companies in the partnership of STM- Ortem-Mahrek won the electronic clamp tender. Thus, it was ensured that the products here were localized, nationalized and supplied by our Ministry of Justice at a cheaper cost.


During our visit, we had the opportunity to see the first prototypes of the product. The first products will be delivered in September. Starting from October, there will be a transition from foreign products to domestic products.


We want to become a country that is self-sufficient and capable of producing leading technologies in the world with the National Technology Move. Our Ministry, in cooperation with other ministries to be made we want to accelerate the domestication moves in Turkey. Electronic clamp tender is one of the best examples of this.


Although the Industry Cooperation Project legislation has been in force for a long time, a successful tender on this subject has not been held until now. We managed the first example with an electronic clamp. We have localized this product. Now we can use this product in a way that we can see our own needs without needing anyone.


There are demands for this product from abroad. There is also export potential here. Of course, our companies will evaluate this.


This product is used in probation practices, especially in violence against women and removal sentences. It is used as a panic button. In addition to the new types of execution practices of our Ministry of Justice, we think that protecting our women with technological products, especially for violence against women, is also an important issue.


Minister Varank stated that they are trying to raise awareness about the use of local and national products by public institutions and organizations, and thanked Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül for his sensitivity in this matter.


Suspects, defendants, convicts; An Electronic Monitoring System was launched in 2013 for the execution of penalties or the application of probation measures to these persons. electronic monitoring units used in Turkey as follows:

  • For the purpose of not leaving the residence,
  • For the purpose of prohibiting going to designated places or preventing the abandonment of certain areas,
  • Alcohol use for monitoring purposes,
  • For victim protection purposes.


The Ministry of Industry and Technology carries out its activities in coordination with other public institutions and organizations to make public procurements subject to SIP implementation. In this context, the fields studied are as follows:

  • Rail system vehicles such as metro, tram, train,
  • Signaling, power, communication and similar subsystems to be used in rail systems,
  • Various land, air and sea vehicles, especially electric buses,
  • Security, monitoring, observation, control, software, informatics, communication, detection and tracking systems,
  • Energy generation and distribution systems,
  • Smart city applications.

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