Ulikad President 'We Can Make Hatay Dubai' Proposal!

ulikad president we can make the mistake dubai proposal
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Uranus Topkapi Istanbul, Cappadocia owner of the hotel, the National Organization of Economic Thought (Ulikad) President Omar Niziplioğl, said in a coma due to the choirs that tourism in Turkey.

Indicating that the corona Niziplioğl a major blow to tourism all over the world "This blow falls from Turkey also took its share. Current tourism in Turkey in a coma. Turks who could not go abroad turned to domestic tourism, but this is not enough. The occupancy rates of the hotels are around 20-30 percent. In some areas, hotels have never even been opened ”.

'Radical steps are essential'

Ömer Niziplioğlu pointed out that steps should be taken before it is too late in order to put tourism back in order, “We should act as soon as possible and direct the tourists from countries with low risk to our country. At this point, we should focus on promotional activities. This is how the summer goes. We do not know how the corona will progress. "We must take steps to save the next seasons," he said.

Niziplioğl stating that Turkey has the potential to attract tourists 12 months, "he wrote that we should stop now. Turkey is a country where the beauty of the four seasons. As a country, we have very strong tourism types such as culture, gastronomy and health. We have to promote them, ”he said.

'We can make Hatay Dubai'

Ömer Niziplioğlu, President of the National Economic Thinking Organization (ULİKAD), said that with the work to be done, Hatay could turn into Dubai.

Mediterranean's longest, the longest 12. Despite Samandagi having a beach in Turkey only Niziplioğl pointed out that profited from Antalya, "If we make a new plan for Hatay accommodation, eating and drinking, we design fun places to scratch even If we get support from international city planners for this, it is a touristic such as Cannes, Nice and Dubai, its nature is wonderful. "The season is 2 months in the Aegean, which has a warm sea, and 6 months in the Mediterranean." Stating that Hatay is very rich in terms of culture, Niziplioğlu said, “The city, where different religions and cultures live together, has the world's first church. The Christian name was used for the first time in this province. It is one of the three largest provinces of the Roman Empire. Islam, Christianity and Jewish beliefs live together in Hatay. The mosque, church and synagogue are side by side. The number of cities living with this feature is very few. To show this feature, we can provide a 3-month tourist flow with faith tourism. "It should be taken into account that 12 and a half million people come to Kuşadası to see the house of the Virgin Mary."

'Gastronomy tours can be made'

Niziplioğlu stated that Hatay has a high potential in terms of gastronomy tours due to its rich cuisine where 3 civilizations are combined and blended.

'Must be added to ship routes'

Stating that Hatay should be added to the cruise route, Niziplioğlu said, “For this, a harbor should be built in Samandağ or Arsuz. Through this we can add the port to Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean cruises. "We can attract 1 million tourists only thanks to the cruise".

'Unemployment ends'

Stating that if Hatay becomes a tourism city, many benefits will be provided to the country and the city, Niziplioğlu said, “Unemployment ends. Almost every household's income increases. It helps the surrounding provinces. At the moment, we are losing the beach where only summer houses are built, and it is a loss for all of us to stay that way while there is a possibility to reach much more income and prosperity. "While tourism is the biggest income item of countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, which have coasts in the Mediterranean, I cannot understand why Hatay is not a tourist destination with its biggest beach."

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