Asphalting works from Hatay Metropolitan Municipality

📩 24/12/2018 16:58

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality asphalting works: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Defne, Kumlu, Arsuz and Samandağ districts reported that asphalting works continued uninterrupted.
In the written statement made by the municipality, it was noted that the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs started hot asphalting works after asphalt cleaning works from Esentepe Junction to Çekmece Street within the borders of Defne.
The statement, Ugur Mumcu Area as well as asphalt cleaning work on the road to Sinanli and Batıayaz neighborhoods continued to work on the transfer.
Samandağ Atatürk District Muammer Aksoy Street and Primary School Street paving and asphalting work continued uninterruptedly reported.
In Arsuz, it was stated that the asphalting works were completed in Arpagedik, Höyük, Avcılarsuyu and Haymaseki neighborhoods, and hot asphalt pouring works continue between Konacık-Arsuz road.
It was reported that the teams continue to open the road and lay the ground on Sami Oytun Street in the center of Kumlu district.

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