Who is Şener Şen?

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Şener Şen (born December 26, 1941, Adana) is a Turkish actress. He was born on December 26, 1941 in Adana as the son of Ali Şen, who was a carpenter at that time. He graduated from Kepirtepe Village Institute in Lüleburgaz and was appointed to Kocaeli as a teacher. He started his artistic career by taking the stage at Istanbul Municipality City Theaters. Şener Şen, who did not want to be a cinema artist like his father, devoted himself to acting in theater. He also played in radio theaters. However, he had to enter the cinema because his income from the theater was not enough. He told the directors he knew from the dubbing, “Call me as an extras. But I have a condition, let me take my wage that day ”.

During his first steps in the cinema, he did everything, including being an extra. For five years she has appeared in minor roles - like just dancing or getting beaten by the lead actor in some movies. The turning point in his career was the character of "Badi Ekrem" in Ertem Eğilmez's film Hababam Class in 1975. In the same movie, he formed a great duo with Kemal Sunal, who became famous for his character Nerek Şaban, and played in films such as Süt Kardeşler, Şabanoğlu Şaban, Tosun Pasha, Kibar Feyzo, Çöpçüler Kralı and Davaro, which had huge box office revenues in those years.

Şener Şen played supporting roles until 1984. As a result of the pressure exerted on Arzu Film and Ertem Eğilmez, the operators who dominated the Anatolian market at that time would now play the leading roles. However, Şen, who has played the vigilant, devious, dishonest, fraudulent characters he played in the films he made with Kemal Sunal and İlyas Salman until then, this time chose a role against the public's will. He appeared in the title role for the first time in Başar Sabuncu's Namuslu, saying “I don't make the movie they want, if I am going to play the lead role, I can make the movie I want”. The character of Ali Rıza Bey, who is portrayed in the film, is a trustee who is very committed to his work. For this reason, he is despised by those around him. When the rumors of embezzlement spread around, he is respected and begins to be cherished. Ertem Eğilmez told him, “If this movie doesn't work, your life will end at the beginning. You can never get an opportunity again. But if you choose the other one, you make five or six films a year, and you earn money ”, although Namuslu became one of the best performing films of that year and the second act of Şener Şen's film career opened.

Şener Şen, who got away from playing devious, dishonest characters with his honorable movie, started to portray good, pure, clean-hearted characters that do not deceive people. He successfully played a naive village lord in Nesli Çölgeçen's Züğürt Ağa, the station chief who won the big jackpot in Billionaire, and the organizer who helped a young person who wanted to be famous in Muhsin Bey, with success. It also appeared in musicals that were fashionable in these years.

He shared the leading roles with Müjde Ar in the latest film of Ertem Eğilmez and full of satire in which Turkish cinema audiences form long queues in front of the cinema. In 1996, he played with Uğur Yücel in the movie “Eşkıya” which created a revolution in Turkish cinema. Written and directed by Yavuz Turgul, this film broke a record for that period in the Turkish cinema industry, attracting more than 2,5 million viewers to theaters.

The other leading actor in the series Second Spring (1998-2001), in which he played the kebab master Ali Haydar from Gaziantep, was Türkan Şoray, who played a Thracian appetizer named Hanım.

The work titled Şener Şen in Turkish Cinema, written by Giovanni Scognamillo, published by Kabalcı Publishing in 2005, is the most comprehensive study written about the actor. The acting career of Şener Şen up to this year has been divided into periods. The book also includes Şener Şen's film series, stage plays and musicals.

He won the 'Best Actor Award' at the 2005nd Golden Orange Film Festival for his role as retired teacher Nazım in the movie Gönül Yarası (42) directed by Yavuz Turgul. Kabadayı (2007), whose scripts were written by Yavuz Turgul and portrayed an "extinct bully,", and the leading roles of Çetin Tekindor, Av Mevsimi (2010) and Road Separation (2017), which he shared with Cem Yılmaz, were his most recent films. Şen returned to the screens in 2015 with the Aygaz Otogaz advertisement.

Receiving the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize from the 28th President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on December 2016, 12, Şener Şen, in his speech at the ceremony; “Stories are a guide to how we can live life. I have carefully chosen the characters that I portrayed to serve the good and the truth. I waited for the story I wanted for many years, which could be considered suicide for an actor. I believed that societies that seek good, truth and beauty will always live in peace. I accept this award in the hope that it will contribute to our social peace ”.

Private Life

Şener Şen, who has been married twice, is the father of a daughter (Bengü Şen (born 1974)) from his first marriage. He married Sermin Hürmeriç for the second time in 1989, whom Muhsin Bey met during the filming. The couple divorced in 1997.


Year Production Role Prize Category Notes
1978 King of Scavengers Shakir Golden orange Best Supporting Actor
1987 Muhsin bey Muhsin Kanadırık The best actor
1998 state artist Theater and Cinema Artist The regulation governing the State Artist
His title was removed as a result of his cancellation by the Council of State.
2004 Golden orange Lifetime Honor Award
2005 Heartache Verse The best actor
Sadri Alışık Award The best actor
2006 Golden Cocoon Lifetime Honor Award
2008 Bandit Aries Yeşilçam Award The best actor
SİYAD Award Honor Award
2016 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize Cinema

Theatrical plays 

Year Game Author Theater
1967 Othello William Shakespeare Istanbul City Theater
Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand
1977 How to Play the Game Vasif Öngören
1978 Rich Cuisine
1979 Dumb husband's cunning wife Haldun taner
1981 Hababam Class Musical Rifat Ilgaz Singing Theater
1982 Joy-i Muhabbet
1983 A Simple Citizen Against Şvayk Hitler Bertolt Brecht
1984 Kesanlı Ali Epic Haldun taner Schaubühne (Berlin)
1986 A Thousand Years Before A Thousand Years Later Yavuz Turgul, Vural Sozer Singing Theater
2004 Comedy of Miracles Yavuz turgul Most Production


Year Movie Role Notes
1964 Long Live Life The first movie he played with his father Ali Şen
1964 This is what you call a maid
1967 So-called Girls Punk
1971 Golden Prince in the Land of the Giants Tintin
1971 Lead at See Truck Driver
1972 Katerina
1973 Prisoner of Love Doctor
Finishings in the Society Garson
A bunch of violets
1974 Lives Neither Lives nor Lives Man looking for a Director at the State Office / Nubar Terziyan Voice
Worlds Apart Gambler
1975 Look Green Green Ahmet
Our family Shener
My Friend's Class Remained Badi Ekrem
Stupid Champion Fong
1976 My class is awakening Badi Ekrem
Tosun Pasha Lutfi
Milk Brothers Commander Hüsamettin
1977 My class is on vacation Badi Ekrem
Sabanoglu Saban Commander Hüsamettin
King of Scavengers Police Chief
smiling eyes aspect
1978 Kibar Feyzo Maho Agha
Sultan Grocery Bahtiyar
My chaos gives birth to nine Badi Ekrem
Happy Days Zia
1979 Male Beauty Miserable Bilo Maho Agha
What will happen now Shakir
1980 Banker Bill Banker Maho
1981 There is a Festival in the Whirlpool Heydar
Davaro sülo
1982 Adile Aunt Loyal
Flower Abbas Shakir
Cupboard Beygiri Banker Jacob
1983 There's a Revel in the Gırgıriye Smoke Haydar
şekerpare Ziv
Shalwar Case Agha
1984 Great Choice in Gırgriya Smoke Haydar
Honest Ali consent
1985 Zugurt Agha Agha
I fell in love Shakir
Naked Citizen İbrahim
1986 Billionaire Mesut
Mill District Governor Hilmi
1987 Muhsin bey Muhsin bey
Banded Band Contact Latif directly
1988 Rich Cuisine Master of grace
Arabesque Shener
1990 Unforgettable Director of Love Movies Hasmet Asilkan
1992 Shadow game Abidin
1993 American Seref The Turk
1996 Bandit Aries
1998 Second spring Ali Haydar TV series
2004 Heartache Verse
2007 Rowdy Ali Osman
2010 hunting season Murder control police Hunter Ferman
2017 Road Separation Mazhar Kozanli

Ads he plays 

  • Hürriyet Ads (1985-1986)
  • Artema Ads (1990-1992)
  • Pamukbank Advertisement (2001-2002)
  • Akbank Ads (2002-2006)
  • TTNet Ads (2008-2010)
  • Aygaz Autogas Ads (2015-2016)

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