Who is Zeki Alasya?

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Zeki Alasya (born April 18, 1943, Istanbul - Date of death May 8, 2015, Istanbul) is a Turkish theater and film artist, originally from Cyprus, born in Istanbul. He is the nephew of Mehmet Kamil Pasha from Cyprus.


The artist, who graduated from Robert College, started his artistic career in 1959 as an amateur in MTTB theater. After working in Arena, Genar and Ulvi Uraz theaters, he was among the founders of Ostrich Cabaret Theater with Haldun Taner, Metin Akpınar and Ahmet Gülhan.

He started filming after 1973. Together with Metin Akpınar, they formed a new duo in Turkish cinema. He took part in many films and was awarded the title of State Artist by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. He gained fame as a comedian paired with films such as The Idiot Millionaire, I Get Out of the Village, The City, Laugh, Do You Cry, Where Are These Guys, Hasip and Nasip. Aslan Bacanak, Sivri Smart, Jaferin Pain, Oil Kings, Doctor, Corner Capture, Wow Happiness, Farewell Dude, Acacia Stop and Küçük Ağa, which had an important place in his career as a director, were also featured. Zeki Alasya, who appeared in more TV series at the end of his career, lastly appeared in the movie Aşk Geliyorum Demez in 1977.


The artist, who was hospitalized on April 22, 2015 due to liver disease, died on May 8, 2015. His funeral was taken from Levent Mosque on 10 May 2015 and buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.


Year Movie Role Notes
1972 Karaoglan is Coming Calik
Love brother Attorney at Law
Tarkan Gold Medallion Vandal King
My sweet tongue Coach
1973 Anchovy Nuri toric
My mother-in-law was mad
Armless Hero's Arm
False Half Hosni
1974 Five Chickens One Rooster
I Arrived From The Village To The City Himmet Aga
Blue bead Candy Kamil
Inherited clever
Idiot Millionaire Himmet Aga
Emperor Alcohol Nuri
Have a Party / Honey Girl Selim She starred with Türkân Şoray
1975 Can You Give Five Million Loan clever
Laugh or cry clever
Where did this kid come from? clever
1976 Hasip and Nasip Hasip
A Lion Lies in Every Heart Guard Zeynel
Where Are These Men Looking clever
1977 Lion Bacanak Selim
Pointed Smarts clever
1978 Jafer's ordeal Jafar
Oil Kings clever
1979 Doctor sign writer
Garibin's ordeal ends when he dies clever
Corner Grab Navy Kamil
Wow What Happened to Us Kamil
1981 Do not joke clever
1982 Trouble-maker Zeki Gurses
1983 Intruder Elijah
Ferris wheel Selami
1984 Smiling World
1985 Wrong number Sami
Don't let the boss hear Shakir
1986 Enemy of Honor Veli
1988 Laugh or cry clever TV series
1992 We Are Like Us
Zeki Textince
1993 Hospital Doctor Salih Marmara TV series
1998 I eat you Muharram TV series
1999 Güle Güle Ismet
2000 An Autumn on the Island Mehmet Telefilm
Spoilsport Kemal Yılmaz hasn't been active on Medium yet.
2001 My Grandfather, Wafer and Me consent
2002 Marry My Parents Sermet
Russian Bride Federation President
2003 Hababam Class Hello Gray Ali
omercip Tonton Grandfather
2004 Cennet Mahallesi Komiser Television series broadcast between 2004-2007
In other Turkey President Cumhurbaşkanı
Time of the Heart Fikret
Sorry Prison Warden
Foreign groom Ökkeş Master TV series
When luck breaks the door Father Alfonzo
2006 Dog
Zağara And Others Clever Neighbor TV series
2007 Don't be afraid of life Rifki
Game over Tahsin TV series
2008 Acacia Stop Nuri Baba Television series broadcast between 2008-2012
Clumsy's Nurullah TV series
2009 Love Doesn't Say I'm Coming Ismail
2013 Our school School Principal TV series
Back Streets Qualified Coach TV series, guest actor
2014-2015 Little Agha Mehmet Aga TV series

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