Legal Provision of Work Glasses

Whatever the location of the work in the working environment, there may be unexpected work accidents. It is very important to protect these accidents from physical or chemical factors and to prevent material and moral damages. Occupational safety has been introduced to prevent material and moral losses for both employers and employees.

One of the most important protection materials of occupational safety work glasses income. Our eyes are an important part of our body. Eye damage is inevitable as a result of any thoughtfulness during the time we work. Therefore, according to the constitutional article, employers are obliged to wear protective glasses for employees. Long-term employees must use it. If not used, the penalty will be inevitable for both the employer and the employee.

Features of Work Glasses

Work glasses are classified differently according to their usage areas. Since it is made of flexible materials, it is unbreakable and resistant to impacts. Colors and varieties are available. It is transparent and has a scratch-proof feature. Medium quality work glasses can withstand the impact of small parts.

It prevents damage to the eyes by breaking heat and light. Since the head-mounted part is adjustable, it allows it to be suitable for every face. They produce according to NE standards. Thanks to its breathability, your skin tissue is prevented from being irritated. High quality work glasses are more durable and offer long-term ease of use. It is economical and provides superior protection.

Anti-Fog Business Glasses

They are large and wide-ranging glasses that take their place among the work glasses. It prevents the eye from fogging due to the exposure of the employee to high temperatures, thus allowing the prevention of eye diseases. It does not contact the eyes with the pressure given by the gas.

It is designed for use with air masks that fit perfectly. It is unbreakable and scratch resistant. It is transparent and transparent. Available in white colors. It has taken its place among the most preferred work glasses. It is easily used in laboratory environments. Thanks to its wipeable and washable feature, a hygienic environment is created. Since it is light, it does not cause pain or discomfort.

Protective Laboratory Goggles

Protective laboratory glasses usage area is wide. It is a type of work glasses designed for those working in chemical environments, working in a chemical laboratory environment or to prevent heavy metals and particles from damaging the eyes.

It protects against sudden impacts. It is unbreakable and resistant to bending. Protective laboratory goggles are free of chemical splashes, dust, molten metal, etc. It allows the substances to prevent inflammation, bleeding, loss of vision in the eye.

It allows to open the viewing angle by breaking special radiation beams. They have a transparent structure. It is also suitable and convenient for use in the health sector. Protective laboratory goggles are resistant to temperatures of 60 degrees and above. High quality and first class materials are used.

Safety Glasses Standard Markings

The work glasses produced and put on the market must be subjected to a certain test. After these tests, EN 166 European standards latitude is taken. Since 166 American and Asian standards are comprehensive in work glasses, today production is made according to 166 EN standards.

Within the framework of these standards, work glasses should not be damaged or damaged due to impacts and any liquid contact. Particles larger than 5 microns should never come into contact with the eyes.
It should not be damaged by the impact of the incoming fog with a maximum speed of 200 m / s. It is approved to be placed on the market if it is of high quality and first class. Institutions are required to choose ANSI and EN approved work glasses.

Occupational Safety Goggles Usage Areas

Usage areas of work glasses are mandatory business sectors in chemical environment, laboratory environment, iron and steel factories. Working glasses suitable for use in every sector prevent sudden damage. Its use in a regular and hygienic environment is important for health. By clicking on the link, you can have reliable safety glasses.



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