IETT's 149th Anniversary Celebrated With Enthusiasm

The year of administration was celebrated with enthusiasm
The year of administration was celebrated with enthusiasm

The 149th anniversary of IETT, which has been carrying passengers for 149 years in Istanbul and the architect of many firsts in our country, was celebrated with enthusiasm.

Turkey's first, world's second subway, an historic event held in front of the tunnel IETT General Manager Alper knowledgeable, Deputy Director General Dr. IETT Hasan Özçelik and Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, CHP İBB Assembly Members Doğan Subaşı, Tarık Balyalı and Mesut Kösedağ, and İETT Department Heads, unit managers and employees attended.

The ceremony, which was held with a small birthday celebration at the Beyoğlu tunnel entrances and the Nostalgic Tram, started with the speech of IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili. Then, after visiting the exhibition, the screening of the movie "Everything is Very Beautiful with IETT" was watched. Later, the event wagon was sent off to Istiklal Street with the first song playing in Tünel Square and the event ended in Taksim Square.

Turkey's leading provider

In his speech here, IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili said, “It is a very happy day, IETT entered 1 and a half century. With the start of the first horse-drawn tramway in Istanbul 149 years ago today, IETT's public transportation journey started. Turkey's leading provider of public transportation can say that about. With more than 6 thousand buses, nearly 10 thousand employees, 14 thousand stops, 800 lines, we make 1 and a half billion trips annually. IETT is today the largest tire-wheeled transportation institution after London ”.

Many celebrities took part in the history of IETT

Reminding that many celebrities have remembered them in the history of IETT, Bilgili said, “Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, and Ferruh Bozbeyli, one of our ex-parliament speakers of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, also worked in IETT for many years. We cannot describe our sense of gratitude to all the managers, employees, trainers and drivers who took part in the deep-rooted history of IETT, such as the cinema and theater actor Tuncel Kurtiz, writer Yaşar Kemal, Milli Atlet Cezmi Or, director Memduh Ün. " he spoke.

We will survive this epidemic together

Referring to the COVID 19 epidemic that affected the whole world in the last part of his speech, General Manager Bilgili said, “We all have very important duties to protect from this epidemic. The precautions that each of us take protect both our own and the other's health. As IETT General Directorate, we disinfect all our vehicles every day. We installed disinfectant devices at our metrobus stops. At this point, our passengers also have important duties. We should leave our old habits behind while using public transportation. We should never try to get on vehicles without a mask. During peak hours, we must be careful not to use public transport if we do not have a job. I fully believe that we will overcome this epidemic together. " said

IETT is one of the most established organizations in our country.

In his speech, İBB CHP Group Deputy Chair Doğan Subaşı emphasized the 150-year history of İETT. The number of 150-year institution in Turkey stated that very little Subasi, "one of the most fundamental institution of our country IETT. This place is one of the oldest institutions not only in our country but also in the world. We are temporary, but these institutions are permanent. We should all work with all our might to contribute to the brand value of IETT. On this occasion, he said, “IETT's 149th anniversary, good for our country and nation”.

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