HAVELSAN Became One Of The 100 Turkish Companies Among The Top 7 In The World

HAVELSAN succeeded in entering the "Defense Top 100" list determined by Defense News based on defense revenues. The leading companies of the Turkish defense industry are increasing their numbers every year in the list, which includes the world's leading defense sector companies. Military and civilian space used platform for software simulator developed in this field in Turkey which led the list HAVELSAN has managed to become one of this year's entering 7 Turkish defense industry companies.

HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar said, "This success is the success of our defense industry altogether."

HAVELSAN will produce the simulator of the Altay tank

Military and develop platforms for simulators used in civilian areas, in this area, which led to Turkey HAVELSAN Altay tank has claimed responsibility for producing simulators. At IDEF'19, signatures were signed between Havelsan and BMC companies, which are the main contractors in Altay tank production, for the construction of simulators and training models of the Altay tank.

Ship Information Distribution System of TCG ANADOLU from HAVELSAN

Turkey's biggest fight will be ship TCG recent statements about the presidential Defense Industry anadolunun construction activities were done through social media by the Presidency. In the statement, “We delivered the Ship Information Distribution System designed by HAVELSAN to be integrated into our ANADOLU ship. GBDS, which is developed with national resources and is also described as the heart of the platforms, offers all data to the systems in need in real time and precisely. " statements were included.

HAVELSAN Signature in the National Combat Aircraft Project

Pointing out that TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN will carry out many studies such as software development, simulation, training and maintenance simulators, Demir said, “When the MMU Development Project is completed, our country will be able to produce a 5th generation combat aircraft in the world after the USA, Russia and China. It will be among the countries with infrastructure and technology. " found the assessment. The cooperation between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN covers embedded training / simulation, training and maintenance simulators and engineering support to be provided in various fields (Virtual Test Environment, project level software development and cyber security).

Source: defenceturk

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