Investment Incentives in the Plastics Industry Increased to 90 Percent

The investment incentive rate to be applied for the investments in PAGDER ASLAN Plastikçiler Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which will gather the plastic producers who are stuck in the city and continue their activities in a modern production area, has increased from 45 percent to 90 percent.

Participants in the project of Kırklareli Vize, which will be an example for the industrial structuring of the plastic sector, will benefit from the general incentive applications and regional support elements to the maximum extent.

Since PAGDER ASLAN OIZ is structured as a Plastic Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, it will benefit from the general incentive practices of the Incentive Law, which include value added tax exemption, corporate tax exemption and customs tax exemption, and tax reductions within the scope of regional supports.

The 90 percent investment incentive support amount given as a reference value will vary depending on the number of new personnel to be employed, the amount of credit to be used as investment financing and the investment subject.

PAGDER ASLAN Plastikçiler Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Fidan Aslan Eroğlu, who stated that when a facility for plastic production is established with an investment of 5 million TL in PAGDER ASLAN OSB, will apply 40 percent of the corporate tax reduction, according to the sample investment, the state's 2 million He stated that he will give up the tax receivable amounting to TL. Eroglu; “If the investment made is among the priority investment subjects, this amount rises to 2 million 750 thousand TL. In addition, in order to benefit from this support, the investment does not have to be completed and the support can be used for the gains from the ongoing activities during the period when the investment expenditure is made ”.

Stating that the support rates to be benefited by PAGDER ASLAN OIZ participants will vary according to the subject of the investment, Eroğlu shared the following information. “Participants will be able to benefit from insurance premium employer's share support for 5 years, 6 years for investments that fall under the definition of OECD Medium-High Technology, and 7 years for investments within priority investment subjects. In this case, the state support can go up to 1 million 750 thousand TL. Depending on the Investment Incentive Certificate owned by the participants, for an investment of 5 million TL to be made in PAGDER ASLAN OIZ, except VAT exemption, customs tax exemption and interest and dividend support, if the investment to be made is among the priority investment subjects, even if not up to 90 percent, It will be able to benefit from state support at the rate of up to 65. "

30% cheap energy opportunity for plastics workers

Visa district of Kırklareli, Turkey's first plastic Specialized Organized Industrial Zone in the construction industry, which will be operational and will contribute greatly PAGDER LION OSB, Çorlu and Istanbul Airport; Tekirdağ and Ambarlı ports; Alpullu also offers great logistical convenience with its proximity to Durak train stations, E5, TEM Highway and Kapıkule, as well as to the important airports, roads, ports and stations of the region and the customs gate. Industrialists, who will have 30 percent cheaper energy compared to the surrounding organized industrial zones by connecting to the direct transmission line, will be offered not only electricity distribution, but also solutions for more use of sustainable energy resources, innovative-green production areas, solar energy.

Advantageous purchase opportunity until the end of September

PAGDER ASLAN OSB, which brought the entire 650 thousand square meter first stage to 77 plastic industrialists, launched a special campaign for plastic industrialists who want to take part in the region. With opportunities such as 90 percent investment incentives and 30 percent cheap energy, PAGDER ASLAN will contribute to increasing the global competitiveness of industrialists in the OSB, within the framework of the campaign, which will be valid until September 30, 2020, industrialists will be able to have a place in the plastic base with a sales price of 251 TL per square meter.

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