The Target in Bursa İnegöl is Healthy Urbanization

Continuing its activities with the goal of healthy and modern urbanization in 17 districts of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated its efforts to open zoning roads in the new area in İnegöl, where approximately 150 thousand people will live.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which operates in many areas from infrastructure to superstructure at every point of Bursa, has started works to open zoning roads in the region called new İnegöl. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the main axes in the region, started the excavation and filling work of the 10.5-kilometer zoning road. The Metropolitan Municipality, which will do sprinkling-compression work with 474 thousand 345 cubic meters of soil excavation and 237 thousand 72 cubic meters of stabilized material, plans an investment of 14.5 million TL for the new residential area.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Deputy Vildan Yılmaz Gürel, İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban, İnegöl District Governor Şükrü Görücü, AK Party District Chairman Mustafa Durmuş, council members and representatives of non-governmental organizations examined the activities on site. Making an assessment of the situation in the field, Mayor Aktaş wished that the works concerning İnegöl's future would be beneficial.

"We aim to develop the new İnegöl"

Stating that İnegöl is a special residential area like the 17 districts of Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the district has advantages in areas such as furniture, spa, meatballs, tourism and trade. Stating that they started serious infrastructure works in İnegöl with the European Investment Bank fund, President Alinur Aktaş stated that the second stage will come soon. Stating that when the works are completed, İnegöl will be relieved in this regard for 40-50 years, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our main strategy was to renew, restore, modernize or reduce it. Alper Taban also carries out the same strategy. We want development to be achieved in the new İnegöl. Two stages of TOKI were held in the past and the third stage of TOKI will be held. Our Huzur and Akhisar neighborhoods are already in this location. There are new guests joining towards Karalar. Currently there is a population of 3-45 thousand. We dream of the healthy development of the city in all districts including Bursa center. We want to grow Bursa in a healthy way with new areas. Urban transformations are also easier then. The fact that there are plots at higher elevations here is an indication that we can climb higher floors and show more modern examples of urbanism. While we are renovating the infrastructure in the current İnegöl, we are accelerating the work in this area. We are experiencing the excitement of this, ”he said.

"We follow the work done"

Underlining that they will follow the work carried out in New İnegöl, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are opening the main axes here. The excavation and filling of the road, which is divided into 3 thousand 347 meters and has 3 lanes of departure and 3 lanes of arrival, will be done in Akhisar District. Excavation and filling of the zoning road, which is divided into 7 thousand 194 meters, 2 lanes departure and 2 lanes, will be done in the same neighborhood. In total, the excavation and filling work of the zoning road of 10 meters, or 541 kilometers, has been started. Approximately 10,5 thousand 474 cubic meters of soil excavation, approximately 345 thousand 237 cubic meters of stabilized material transport and laying compaction will be done. A total cost of around 72 million will be spent. We will continue the work step by step. İnegöl is a district that grows more and more every year. Healthier development will thus be provided. A city is being established here. I hope we want to leave İnegöl to our children, which is more beautiful and livable. In the new İnegöl region, every subject, from the green area to the parking lot, from the roads to the health areas, has been planned to the finest detail. A population of 14,5-706 thousand is considered in an area of ​​150 hectares. Of course, it is an event that will be completed in 160-15 years, but the fact that the infrastructure works have been initiated shows that the process will accelerate ”.

City dream to show as an example

İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban stated that they were very excited with the work started. Stating that the seeds of the new İnegöl were planted in the past with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, and now it is time to grow these seeds, Taban pointed out that the reserve areas in the existing İnegöl are gradually decreasing. Explaining that there is a 150-kilometer road network in the new region, Taban said, “By opening the road networks quickly, easing the main arteries, there is a preliminary opportunity for reconstruction movements. If we move public buildings to the areas reserved for the public, the transformation will accelerate. "We want to complete the deficiencies of the current İnegöl on the one hand and the new İnegöl on the other, to make a city that can be set as an example."

Inegol District Governor Şükrü Görücü thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of İnegöl Alper Taban, the deputies, individuals and institutions who contributed to the development and development of the district.



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