Diyarbakır Will Be Divided Into Two By A 12-Kilometer Wall Along The Railway

Diyarbakır Will Be Divided Into Two By A 12-Kilometer Wall Along The Railway
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📩 31/08/2020 10:33

The 5th Regional Directorate of State Railways started the construction of a 12-kilometer-long, 1-meter-80-centimeter-high, 50-centimeter-wide double-sided road that will divide Diyarbakır along the railway into two.

21 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the city reacted to the construction of the concrete wall that would divide the city into two. 21 NGOs, including Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce, business associations in the city and chambers affiliated to TMMOB, drew attention to the fact that the wall was built without paying attention to the holistic developments of the city and sharing it with the city dynamics. In the statement, it was also emphasized that the wall was built before the Environmental Impact Regulation (EIA) Report was prepared.

In the statement requested to re-evaluate the wall construction, it was stated that the existing railway was built in the early periods of the Republic and has not been changed since that period and caused noise, and a new one was added to the ongoing problems related to the rail system with the construction of the wall.

The statement included the following statements;"

By the 5th Regional Directorate of State Railways 2020/184956 with the tender registration number 5. REGIONAL DIRECTORATE MINTIKASI DİYARBAKIR CITY CENTER KM: 500 + 000 - 504 + 000 PANEL TYPE REPORT made a tender under the name.

With this tender, it is planned to make a 50 cm high concrete wall on both sides of the train line, which divides the city center from beginning to end, 180 cm high panel fence and 50 cm high razor wire.

The tender was carried out without paying attention to the holistic developments of the city in recent years and without resorting to the will to share with the city dynamics implemented so far.

When evaluated within this framework, with this project, the city's; education, social, psychological and economic life and quality of life have been disregarded.

We think that administrative institutions should develop projects based on people by combining technological and scientific data with social data and analyzing them while planning the city.

Unfortunately, we have a rail system from the early periods of the Republic, an unchanged land train and state railways in this city. Again, this system, which is located in the very center of the city, has not been revised since the early periods of the republic and causes noise pollution in the city center.

With this project, the city is divided into two parts and a new one is added to the problems of the city.

When the related project is considered as a whole, it is seen that these railings, which are planned and tendered around the rail system, were built without taking into account the phenomena such as science, art and social life.

It is seen that no passage is observed for the basic elements of the city such as pedestrians, animals and vehicles and no measures have been taken regarding this.

As a result of the problems expressed by the officials we interviewed about the study, the reports they submitted, the discoveries we made in the field and the technical evaluations; it is seen that all decisions and practices are prepared without any EIA report, lacking science and technique.

It is considered that the principle of public interest is not observed in any way.

In the project that has started to be implemented, no minimum measures listed above have been taken.

The second reason to use the

  • Pedestrian crossing points in the office district being closed,
  • Office-Koşuyolu-Batıkent Site and the passage of the students attending kindergarten, primary and high schools in the region being prevented,
  • Pedestrian and vehicle crossings for the needs and demands of industrial site users and tradesmen in the Small Industrial Site area being restricted,
  • Students who continue their education here from the educational buildings around the 10th Regional Directorate of DSI and the residential area on the other side of the railwayin transportation is blocked
  • Pedestrian access to areas with heavy pedestrian users such as Yenişehir Municipality and the nearby Shopping Center being eliminated,
  • No pedestrian access on the route from the Old Tekel Factory to the Education Research Hospital and from there to the 4th Industrial Site not being released,
  • Passage of livestock grazing citizens, mainly sheep and goats, on the route up to the Education and Research Hospital and the 4th Industrial Site being prevented,
  • The life of stray or wild animals that live in some parts of the city is disregarded and these animals in prison,
  • All relations of families, neighbors and shopkeepers on both sides of the railway is being torn off.

Considering the economic situation of the country, it is thought that the investment of millions of lira is not appropriate due to the method followed and will disturb the society extremely.

We think that this project will not provide any benefit to the people of Diyarbakır and will have a negative impact on the quality of life of the people.

As a matter of fact, in the meetings we held with the authorities, it was understood that the issues we mentioned were not taken into consideration and no indication was witnessed as to when and how these deficiencies would be corrected.

For this reason, it is very important for the city and concerns all areas of life, especially pedestrian transportation, urban fabric, economy, nature, social relations and so on. We think that this application, which will affect many issues, is handled in a very simple and narrow framework.

As a result of all these determinations, it disturbs us that the project is organized so far from scientific and technical competence, socialism and public interest.

The following are the solution suggestions we believe can be made about this study together with the dynamics of the city:

  • To stop the works as soon as possible, to prepare the necessary field determinations, technical data, EIA report, and to ensure that the application is carried out where needed,
  • Making a separate line that passes outside the city to be used for transportation purposes and the delivery of dangerous goods by freight trains and from this line,
  • Using the existing line only for passenger transport by adapting it to the requirements and technology of the age

Diyarbakır has accumulated the traces of humanity in every period of history from the day it existed until today and has left a unique heritage and memory until today. It is the responsibility of all public institutions and organizations, professional organizations and social dynamics, as well as every individual living, visiting or coming to the future in this city, to protect, preserve and carry this heritage into the future.

In this respect, as the undersigned Civil Society Organizations; We wholeheartedly support the re-evaluation of this project by taking into account the problems and suggestions mentioned above, and the design and implementation of a new plan in a way that will adapt to the development of the city to this day.

We respectfully announce to the public that we will exercise our legal rights, if practices that will hinder the development of the city and cause faulty and worthless developments are not abandoned.

Institutions Declaring the Statement

Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Diyarbakır Bar Association, Diyarbakır Commodity Exchange, TMMOB Diyarbakır Provincial Coordination Board, Diyarbakır Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Diyarbakır Chamber of Physicians, Diyarbakır Industrialists and Business People Association, Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, Southeast Textile Industry and Business People Association, Amed KESK Branches Platform, Southeast Young Businessmen Association, DİSK Diyarbakır Representation, Middle East Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Business People Association, TURSAB Diyarbakır Regional Directorate, Diyarbakır Organized Industry Business People Association, Diyarbakır Tourism Platform, All Industrialists and Businessmen Association Diyarbakır Branch, Rights Industrialists and Businessmen Association, Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women's Council, TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board, TOBB Young Entrepreneurs Board.

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