OYDER's SCT Regulation for Automotive Explanation!

Announcement of SCT Regulation for Automotive by OYDER!
Announcement of SCT Regulation for Automotive by OYDER!

📩 31/08/2020 10:17

Automotive Authorized Dealers Association (OYDER) Chairman Murat Şahsuvaroğlu said, "We wish that the SCT tax base and rate regulation for automotive, which entered into force on 30 August 2020 with the Presidential decree, will be beneficial to our industry." said.

We have been expressing the necessity of rearranging the SCT bases, which were determined in September 2018, in our contacts for a long time and underlined the necessity of increasing the tax bases. We think that increasing the base amount of 70.000 TL, which is the first base base tranche, to 21 TL with an increase of 85.000%, and the second tranche, 120.000 TL, to 8 TL with an 130.000% increase, will have a positive effect on sales in our sector.

In addition, we are concerned that the increase in the SCT rate from 130.000% to 60% for vehicles remaining above the 80 TL tax base with the regulation will cause a significant increase in vehicle prices.

In this case; Due to the vehicle price reached more than $ 10 to watch the models to be imported to 6 of every 130.000 vehicle sold and the average price in Turkey, we think it would be difficult to rise to the level.

The increase in the cost of transportation to vehicles with the SCT regulation (60-80%) on top of the increasing loan interest rates of the consumer has the potential for a significant decrease in demand. With the pandemic effect and the increase in interest rates, it will bring serious additional burdens to both authorized dealers and brands in terms of planning and stocking.

In addition, we think that due to the fact that the decree was announced on the last day of the month and entered into force immediately, it would create a significant problem for vehicles that were sold within the month and agreed with the consumer. We believe that the entry into force of this practice as of September 1, 2020 will eliminate this drawback.

Considering the positive impact of the SCT tax base regulation and the negative impact of the increase in SCT rates, we think that it is a regulation that will narrow our sector in the short and medium term. We are concerned that this regulation will contribute negatively to the price instability in the second-hand market.

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