Barriers Are Removing With Barrier-Free Beaches In Muğla

Barriers are lifted with unobstructed beaches in Mugla
Barriers are lifted with unobstructed beaches in Mugla

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, with its "Barrier-Free Beaches" project, which was lifted in 2016, enables disabled citizens to enter the sea without obstacles with the ramps and disabled sun loungers.

Turkey has the longest coastline in Las Vegas, by far the Metropolitan Municipality was created for people with disabilities 15 Barrier-free beach. With the “Barrier-Free Beach” project, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which enables disabled citizens who live in the city or come to the city for vacation, can easily swim, bring the disabled citizens who request to the sea and return them to their homes.

Salim Aydoğan, 57, who worked as a carpenter master in Muğla's Ortaca district and continued his life in a wheelchair after a work accident, entered the sea for the first time after a long interval. Aydoğan, who has been living alone in his home with a physical disability for about 5 years, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality wants to swim to the teams in the "Short Break" service. The teams fulfilled the request of the disabled citizen in a short time and took them to Sarsala Bay in Dalaman district after taking them from their home in Ortaca district with a disabled transport vehicle. Aydoğan, who entered the sea from the disabled beach platform accompanied by a staff member, swam in the sea for about 1 hour.

Aydoğan, I say "I want to go to the sea," they take it to the sea. "

Salim Aydoğan, who said that he entered the sea for the first time during the summer vacation, said, “After the work accident I had about 5 years ago, I continue my life with a physical disability, 96 percent of them. During this time, people around me talked about the services of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. I applied to Büyükşehir and started to benefit from many of its services. One of them is the short break service. They rush to the aid of disabled citizens like me and myself. I had not been able to go to the sea since the summer season started. I made a request to the metropolitan teams and they fulfilled my request in a short time and they took me from home and brought me to the sea. From here they will take it back to my house. Thanks to this service, I was able to find the opportunity to enter the sea for the first time in summer. When we are unwell, they take them at our home and take them to the hospital. If we are in a difficult situation, they will come and help us in a short time. I say "I want to go to the sea" and they take it to the sea. When I say I want to go somewhere else, they take me where I want as soon as possible depending on the patient's condition. Orthopedic doctor Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. I would like to thank Osman Gürüne for this important and valuable service ”.

The Physically Handicapped Swimming Champion met with the sea

22-year-old physically disabled Mustafa Gürbüz, who won a medal in many swimming competitions in Muğla, entered the sea through Muğla Metropolitan Municipality after a year. Gürbüz, who was taken from his house in Ula to Akyaka beach by Metropolitan Municipality teams, said, “I have not been swimming in the sea for about a year. I usually go to the pool, but it was very difficult for me to go in and out of the pool. Later, I told the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality that I wanted to go to the sea. They brought me here too. Here they put them into the sea with a wheelchair. A staff member next to me swam with me and took care of me. Thanks to this service, my obstacle to the sea has been removed. They pick me up from my house and bring me here and then drop me back home. Not satisfied with this, a staff member accompanies me all day long ”.

Mayor Gürün, "We ensure that our disabled citizens are among the people"

Saying that they have implemented the “Barrier-Free Beaches” project for disabled citizens to benefit from the paradise seas of Muğla, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün said the following;

“Muğla is a heaven on earth. A city with 1480 kilometers of coastline. All of our disabled citizens in Turkey and in the world where I've found we can not benefit from these waters. That's why we started to create "Barrier Free Beaches" when we were thinking about what to do. We launched our first barrier-free beach in Akyaka in 2016. We currently have 7 barrier-free beaches in 15 districts. These platforms are not in the corner, but in the middle of the beach, with dressing cabins, private vehicles, ramps, and we ensure that our disabled citizens are among the public like other citizens. It finds itself equal with other citizens and the opportunity to benefit from those paradise seas. The smile we create on their faces is worth the world to us. We will continue to provide this service. "

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