First Aid Training was given to Passengers on Istanbul City Lines Ferries

First aid training was given on Istanbul city line ferries
First aid training was given on Istanbul city line ferries

First aid training was given to the passengers on the ferries of İBB Şehir Hatları AŞ. KadıköyIn the trainings carried out on models on the Karaköy-Eminönü lines, it was pointed out that 'the right intervention should be done at the right time'. Turkey reminded that every year 100 thousand people died from a heart attack, emphasize the importance of first aid and golden minutes.

İBB City Lines Inc. Kadıköy- First aid training was given to passengers on the ferries on the Karaköy-Eminönü lines. Passengers followed the training given by the Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedic Association (ATTDER) and Beykoz University faculty members on flights between 10.15-16.00.

"Correct First Aid Saves Lives"

Coordinated by Temel Kılınçlı, Head of ATTDER Academic Sciences Commission, the training was carried out as part of the "No One Who Does Not Know First Aid" project. In the training given by ATTDER and Beykoz University faculty members on models, it was reminded that knowing first aid in the air, sea, land and everywhere saves lives. Tips for saving lives with “right heart massage at the right time, to the right person” were shared with ferry passengers. Stating that everywhere may need first aid and everyone should know, ATTDER President Kılınçlı said “First aid applied correctly saves lives”.

100 Thousand People Die From Heart Attacks Every Year

Pointing out that about 100 thousand people die as a result of a heart attack in one year in our country, Kılınçlı said, “The rate of those who had a heart attack, who had the chance to get first aid (heart massage, artificial respiration), is only around 1,7 percent. Health personnel also do most of this small percentage of first aid. First aid, which will be done correctly and consciously, directly affects human life and health. It should be known very well, ”he said.

Attention to Golden Minutes!

Underlining that the intervention performed in the first two minutes of cardiac arrest saves lives, Kılınçlı explained the importance of golden minutes as follows: “The first thing to do in emergencies is to call 112. However, let's not forget that the average time for emergency aid ambulances to reach the case is 45 minutes in rural areas and 8 minutes in the city center. While waiting for an ambulance, first aid within two minutes is very important to a person whose heart stops. The brain cells remain without oxygen in the unattended time until the ambulance arrives. Brain death occurs within the first 5 to 10 minutes. First aid is life-saving until the ambulance arrives at the scene. Since these first 10 minutes are important and important to human life, we call them "Golden minutes". The aim of our project is to increase the number of first aid training recipients who can make use of the golden minutes. It is to explain the necessity and importance of first aid. "

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