The Green Road Project that will connect the Eastern Black Sea Highlands is Restarting

The green road project that will connect the eastern black sea plateaus is starting again
The green road project that will connect the eastern black sea plateaus is starting again

The works continue within the scope of the 'Green Road Project' that will connect the Eastern Black Sea plateaus. Coşkun Alp, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who made examinations on the 25-kilometer road between Çambaşı Plateau and Topçam Mahallesi, during the Ordu phase of the project, said that the work will begin again this week on the 5 km route.

Within the scope of the Eastern Black Sea Regional Development Plan (DOKAP) Tourism Master Plan, a 'Green Road Project' was prepared to connect the highlands of 9 provinces. An important distance has been achieved so far in the 'Green Road Project', which was initiated in 2013 to connect Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin plateaus. In the 2 kilometers section of the 600-kilometer road that passes through the borders of Ordu, the Metropolitan Municipality makes 240 kilometers and the Highways 130 kilometers.

Coşkun Alp, General Secretary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, together with Mesudiye Mayor Isa Gül and Head of Science Department Abdulkadir Hatipoğlu, among the most important stages, within the scope of the 'Green Road Project', is 2 km between Çambaşı Plateau and Mesudiye Topçam Neighborhood of Kabadüz. He made investigations on the kilometer road.


Stating that concrete road works will start on the remaining 20 kilometers of the route, General Secretary Alp said, “Our President Mr. With this work, which we follow closely by Mehmet Hilmi Güler, we unite the highlands of Ordu. 5 kilometers of the road has been completed before. With the work we will restart this week, we will bring the remaining 20 kilometers of concrete road. In this way, a new alternative route will be created for transportation to Çambaşı Ski Center, which is the closest ski resort to the sea. The Green Road Project will make it much easier to reach the Topçam-Çambaşı plateau and its surrounding oba, and some of the Giresun plateaus that affect the viewers with its magnificent natural beauty and scenery. ”


Following the Green Road Project review, General Secretary Alp, who went to Mesudiye Topçam District, which was before the metropolitan law, said that they would have the connection road between Topçam center and Black Sea Mediterranean Road to hot asphalt. Secretary General Alp also made examinations on the promenade areas that can be built around Topçam Dam.

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