VIP Wagon Tickets on High Speed ​​Trains Ended

vip wagon tickets ended on high speed trains
vip wagon tickets ended on high speed trains

As of January 3, 2020, discounted tariffs on Business (VIP) wagon tickets on high-speed trains, which greatly simplified our lives in intercity transportation, were canceled. No VIP passengers will be discounted according to the new tariff

Business (VIP) wagon coverage before discounts; 12 percent of teachers, military personnel, TCDD staff, members of the press, youth aged 26-60, and aged 64-15; Children over 65 and under 12 were also eligible for a 50 percent discount. According to the new tariff, everyone can now buy VIP wagon tickets without any discount. People with disabilities who benefit from VIP wagons free of charge will now travel in a paid and non-discounted manner.

Business wagons are in a 2 + 1 seating arrangement and movies and music are broadcast on the screens in the seats. In the Business Plus service classes, breakfast is served until 11.00 and after 11.00, hot meat menus with red meat and white meat are offered according to the option.

TCDD, which only removes discounts on Business (VIP) wagon tickets, continues the discounts on economic wagon tickets. 15 percent discount for those who buy round-trip tickets will also be applied this year. With the amendment, the discounts on VIP wagon tickets were ended.

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