Ankara-İstanbul YHT line stops

Ankara-Istanbul YHT lines were determined: 9 station in Ankara-Istanbul YHT line was determined as Polatli, Eskisehir, Bozuyuk, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, Izmit, Gebze and Pendik.
9 station in Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line was determined as Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, İzmit, Gebze and Pendik.
According to the information received by the AA reporter, the stops of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, which is planned to be implemented with a separate ceremony after the opening ceremony of Marmaray on October 29, 2013, have been determined.
Total 9 will be stalled
On the YHT line, passengers will arrive in Pendik by passing through Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, Izmit and Gebze, respectively, from Ankara to Istanbul. This journey will take 3 hours.
The 3-kilometer YHT line, which will reduce the journey between the two provinces to 533 hours, will allow citizens to travel between Ankara and Istanbul at a cheaper price. Following the Ankara-Eskişehir line, with the launch of the Ankara-Istanbul line, the railway share, which is 10 percent in passenger transportation, is expected to increase to 78 percent.
Ankara-Istanbul YHT line will be integrated to Marmaray with the suburban line at Pendik. Thus, uninterrupted transportation from Europe to Asia will be provided.
YHT to compete with aircraft
Travel between YHT and Ankara is expected to be preferred more than the plane. In terms of time, YHTs that will offer the advantages of airline transportation will be one step ahead of the plane as their tickets are a bit expensive than bus tickets and cheaper than plane tickets.
A citizen traveling between Ankara and Istanbul by plane needs to arrive at Esenboğa Airport an average of 45 minutes before departure. While traveling to the airport takes about 45 minutes by public transport, the departure from the airport can reach 1 hour after the trip to Sabiha Gökçen by plane. From Sabiha Gökçen Airport KadıköyConsidering that it takes an average of 1 hour to travel to Ankara, the journey starting from Ankara reaches an average of 3-3,5 hours. However, with the addition of Istanbul traffic and unpredictable aircraft delays, this period may increase to 4 hours in some flights.
When we look at the transportation time from Ankara to Istanbul with YHT, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the Ankara Train Station integrated into the light rail system in the capital. 3 hours of transportation from Ankara to Istanbul, the last YHT station Pendik, from Pendik KadıköyIf you take about 40 minutes to reach the suburbs, transportation by YHT will take 4 hours in total.
As a result, competition between the two modes of transportation is foreseen in multiplying the distance between Ankara and Istanbul.

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