3 New Headquarters Established in the Ministry of Transport

big change in the ministry of transport and infrastructure
big change in the ministry of transport and infrastructure

With the amendments of the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette dated January 17, 2020, a major change took place in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

While the general directorates of the logistics sector, which regulate the road, rail and combined transport legislation, are gathered under a single roof, two general directorates authorized for the regulation of maritime transport are united under a single general directorate.

With the new decree, the General Directorate of Highway Regulation, Railway Regulation and Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation were merged under the name of General Directorate of Transportation Services, while the General Directorate of Marine and Inland Waters and the General Directorate of Maritime Trade were united as General Directorate of Maritime Affairs.

The duties and powers of the newly established General Directorate of Transportation Services and General Directorate of Maritime Affairs were also included in the decree.


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