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turkey romania logistics are our studies
turkey romania logistics are our studies

Our company, which has taken its place among the most sought-after and preferred organizations of international transportation with its comprehensive works in the field of transportation and customs services since the first day it stepped into the logistics sector, has been doing important works in Romania as well as in many European countries. It takes place in many projects.

As a result of our mutual exchanges with Romania, where we have the most intensive works among the countries transported by road, export and import activities continue at the same rate. The logistics companies that carry transportation between the two countries are roughly the same companies, as our commercial history with Romania, where our logistics activities continue within the framework of today's conditions and opportunities, is quite old. Romanian shipping companies in place take full en transport, regular partial transport, heavy transport, refrigerated tractor with shares in all areas such as transportation and container transportation, our company Arina Logistics exports, imports and Turkey via connecting flights from third countries to Romania from product and has the capacity to provide transportation in the form of direct service .

Our company, which has established a logistics service network with many domestic and foreign transportation vehicles within the scope of its powers, continues with its determination on the first day it was established, without compromising its vision and its mission, and has taken its place as a sample logistics company without stepping back from its customer satisfaction-oriented activities. .

Romania shipping In the light of its experience and gains in its field, Arındır Lojistik, which is the preferred transportation company of all our exporters and manufacturers, also offers port services, customs clearance, storage and agency services, as well as transportation operations, and for the overseas customs clearance and follow-up of the products transported to Romania. provides support service. Our company, which is in a portable position and can carry the transportation of all kinds of bonded cargo groups that are within the scope of export or transit, without exceeding the 24-ton limit, as well as the shipment of heavy transportation loads within the scope of its gauge and weight, with firm steps, continues with its firm steps towards institutionalization.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

Günceleme: 10/05/2020 08:38

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