Denizli Ski Center is the New Favorite of Tourism Professionals

new ski destination for tourism professionals
new ski destination for tourism professionals

Aegean's largest ski resort that has become one of the indispensable address on trip package of tourism, especially Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean welcomes visitors, including four by. Denizli Ski Center, which is mentioned with the praise of tour guides and visitors, is known for its facilities and the quality of snow.

Denizli Ski Center, which was implemented by Metropolitan Municipality for Denizli to have a voice in winter tourism, has recently become a favorite of tour companies and tourism agencies. Denizli Ski Center, located in Bozdağ, within the borders of the Nikfer District of Tavas district, which has become one of the indispensable and most preferred spots in the travel packages of tourism companies, has begun to host dozens of tour buses every day. Due to the fact that it is a semester break, the facility, which is heavily influenced by visitors, is very popular in terms of ease of transportation, services offered and the quality of snow. Mehmet Teke, the Chairman of the Metropolitan Municipality BELTAŞ, stated that Denizli Ski Center continues to be in high demand, and that tour companies have a high interest in the ski center. Teke noted that they are in constant contact with tourism, "Our citizens are choosing our individual as well as ski tour company with Turkey over the need," he said.

“Denizli also has a say in winter tourism”

The Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, Denizli Ski tourism company that has become a favorite of the well, particularly around the Aegean and Turkey said they continue to entertain by including the Mediterranean. Emphasizing that Aegean's largest ski center is an extremely important investment for Denizli and Denizli has a say in winter tourism with the facility, President Zolan said, "We are waiting for everyone who wants to enjoy snow and skiing to our Denizli Ski Center".

Visitors are satisfied, tour companies are also pleased with the guests and tourism professionals who talked about the facility in Denizli Ski Center.

Gökhan Kırmızı (Tour Guide): Denizli Ski Center is very popular in recent years. It was an alternative for tourism workers in the winter period and it was very nice for our guests who want to spend the semester break. There is also intensity with the arrival of 15 holidays. Today we came from Marmaris with a group of 80 people. They are very happy. It is the most affordable facility among the ski resorts I have visited so far. I think it will reach more popular and good levels in the future. It is very comfortable to reach.

Mehmet İlhan (Tour Guide): There is a high demand from Muğla for Denizli Ski Center. These are beautiful, sheltered and accident-free areas. Prices will be very reasonable for our domestic tourists and even more for foreign tourists. It is a demanded place because it is close to cities with warm climatic conditions such as Muğla, Aydın and İzmir. There has been no negative return from the citizens we brought until today. We thank Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

Onur Orhun: We are coming from Bodrum for the first time. So beautiful. We were going to Davraz before. This is the first time we have come to this side and I like it very much. The weather is beautiful, the snow quality is super. I recommend this place to everyone. We will come again as soon as we have the opportunity.

Burak Çıtır: We came here from İzmir for a day. We came for the first time and it is much higher than we expected. We congratulate Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, they have made a very good investment. Such a place is needed in the region. Snow quality is good, the tracks are beautiful, there are also nice areas for novices. There are sled areas for those who come with the family and children. The walking belt is very successful. Health to the hands of those who do.

Kaan Çamtepe: A very nice facility. You can come with the children, there are very good opportunities for sledding. Prices are very reasonable. Its proximity is very nice. We came from Izmir in 3 hours. This is great.

Çağdaş Börühan: I come from Lüleburgaz. I really like this place. Frankly, I wasn't expecting this much. The tracks are very long, well maintained and beautiful. We are very happy to come. It is really above expectations. I liked it very much in terms of snow quality, length of the tracks and slipping pleasure.

Turgut Ölemez: I come from Van. We have been to many ski resorts before, but Denizli is one of those with really nice tracks. Snow quality is good, the tracks are very pleasant.

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