IMM Preserves the Environment by Recycling Ship Wastes to the Economy

ibb protects the environment by returning ship waste to the economy
ibb protects the environment by returning ship waste to the economy

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality collects the wastes of ships passing through the Bosphorus in a controlled manner and brings them back to the economy. With the environmental project, 1 million cubic meters of oil-derived waste has been recycled to date. Both Istanbul and the environment won.

Turkey is in the sea cleanliness and effort to set an example to the world Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the Bosphorus and the ship continues uninterrupted control for the cleaning of the Sea of ​​Marmara. In addition to the 515-hour surveillance of Istanbul's 24 km long shores, efforts to collect and recycle ship wastes are among important environmental investments.

IMM, which makes intensive efforts to prevent the discharge of ship wastes into the sea, accepts the wastes of ships passing through the Bosphorus at the Haydarpaşa Waste Reception Facility. Petroleum and petroleum-derived wastes from ships are recovered and reused. Thus, both the pollution of our seas is prevented and the economy is contributed.


The Haydarpaşa Waste Reception Facility is managed by ISTAÇ, a subsidiary of IMM which is a member of EUROSHORE European Waste Receiver Association. There are 13 ships and 3 land tankers on the Bosphorus for 7/24 service. Wastes from ships are collected and recycled in a controlled manner within the framework of international conventions.

At the facility, an average of 110 thousand cubic meters of bilge, slop, sludge-like oil and petroleum-derived wastes are treated by physical (dewatering) and chemical treatment. As a result of these operations, 20 thousand cubic meters of waste oil is recycled to the economy.

Within this framework, more than 2005 million cubic meters of waste has been collected from nearly 43 ships that have been using the Bosphorus and its ports since 1. Thus, an important contribution was made to the protection of the Bosphorus.

Waste from the vessels is safely disposed of in landfills in Kemerburgaz, Odayeri and Kömürcüoda. The collected wastes (toxic liquid substances), packaging and cargo wastes are transported to the nearest wastewater treatment plant of İSKİ through the collector. The wastes treated in the facilities using the latest technology are returned to the nature without harming the environment.

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