Launches Smart Taxi Application in Gaziantep

gaziantepte smart taxi application comes to life
gaziantepte smart taxi application comes to life

In the cooperation of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, a first was achieved within the scope of Smart Transportation.

Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, met with Ünal Akdoğan, the President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, in order to implement the “Smart Taxi” application. In the meeting where evaluations were made within the scope of urban transportation network, a sample study was put forward. Accordingly, in order to provide better service to citizens who prefer a taxi in transportation, the Kart Driver Card getiril system will be introduced. In this way, it will be aimed to prevent the trust problem which is among the biggest problems experienced in metropolitan cities.


Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that they carried out an exemplary study together with the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles. It wants an infrastructure. By providing our drivers 'driver card', we created the infrastructure works of the smart taxi where all information can be accessed with a single card. The 21st century is the century of data. If we do not bring the data together, our wishes cannot go beyond wishes and wishes. The President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Unal Akdogan and the Metropolitan Municipality team created the infrastructure for the implementation of this project. In the superstructure of this, using the hardware and software to ensure that the citizens of the taxi get all the information they want. Building trust also brings a convenient and peaceful transportation. Hence the most important thing in smart cities is to eliminate the problems using technology. All will be an example to Turkey will implement this project in the nearest time. We aim to extend this project to Gaziantep in 2 months. The pilot will begin as soon as possible. ”


President Fatma Sahin, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pointed out that under the protection of smart cities, said: “Now, we live in the world of information and technology. Whoever uses technology and information better, achieves a much better level in the competitive environment. We have a goal as a country. We aim to be the world's 10th economy. Therefore, we must manage the knowledge economy very well. studies in smart cities profile of municipalities in the whole of Turkey as President of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey we want to execute. On the other hand, we will promote the technology in Ankara on January 15th, in order to ensure that all municipalities use the technology better. The most important title in smart cities is smart transportation. People's lives are directly related to transportation in metropolitan cities. Safe transportation, comfortable transportation, each of which is directly proportional to technology. Today we run the Turkey's best software and hardware. 500 thousand people downloaded this application. We have come a long way in smart transportation in the last year. Our citizens who come from another city with a credit card can travel very easily and smoothly on the public transportation of the city. We also need to diversify to reach the next position.


Ünal Akdoğan, President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, said, s Taxi driver has a very important place in our lives. In business life, taxi is one of the indispensable means of transportation for people in social areas. For this reason, as Gaziantep, we need to sign a first. We aim to provide a very good and safe service for the citizens who come to Gaziantep or who live in the city. There is no visitor to a city where trust is not permanent. In this project we plan to implement; a citizen who lost his bag in the taxi will find a great convenience in finding the lost goods. We will make our determination by observing which vehicles are the taxis working on the route. Thus, we will offer a safe transportation to the people of Gaziantep. In the event of any lost property, we will engage. After we have reported the lost item, we will deliver it to the owner as soon as possible. I would like to thank Mayor Fatma Şahin, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who supported us in this context..


Sehitkamil transferring that they perform a useful meeting with the Mayor of Ridvan Fadıloğlu in all of Turkey and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Head Fatma Sahin leadership Drivers and Vehicle Chamber President Unal Akdoğan'l and work teams, "comes in intelligent transportation also followed with smart city . If we don't renew ourselves in the current system, we will have to. Therefore, we need to adapt the technological equipment to every point of the city. Kul

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