Head of the Metro has a Metro Project

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Sahin 2,5 told the projects made by the Metropolitan Municipality within the year to the non-governmental organization and the chamber representatives.
Şahin, who came together at the dinner at the Culture and Art Center at the end of the projects carried out by Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Osman Toprak, informed the NGO and chamber representatives about the projects.
GAR area, Culture and Art Center, National Will Square, Tüfekçi Yusuf Park, Fıstık Park, crossroads, new sports halls, housing areas, new roads, social facilities and parks were visited.
Stating that they care about the opinions of NGOs and chamber representatives, Şahin emphasized that they are open to opinions in this process. Expressing that they are making great efforts to contribute to the transportation of Gaziantep, Şahin noted that they will complete a total of 54 km of bicycle paths from Gaziantep University to the city center. Stating that a university student will easily reach the city center when he gets on his bicycle, Şahin said that there are nearly 500 thousand young people under the age of 18 in Gaziantep. Stating that there are 60 thousand students, Şahin stated that they want to facilitate their transportation in this context.
Stating that one of his goals is to build a subway (underground train), Mayor Şahin said, “One of my goals is to build a subway and enter the subway. You know, metro is a project that requires a huge investment. Gaziantep transportation master plan is out. We will act accordingly. We will turn the road train between the small industrial site and the organized industrial site into a high speed train. As you know, we enlarged the stops in the light rail system. While we are carrying 60 thousand people daily, we will be carrying 120 thousand people with our new account. In other words, we try to use all the opportunities and possibilities we have in transportation, ”he said.
On the one hand, while using the existing facilities on the other hand that they do a lot of transfer Sahin, led by the gendarmerie and 120 destroyed the house, he said. Recalling that they converted the old courthouse into a center of culture and art, Şahin reminded the center that mosaics were what children in a women's shelter had done with drug-addicted children.
Stating that they are serving Gaziantep's social life, compulsory services, infrastructure and superstructure services on the one hand, and providing services to Cerablus on the other, Şahin said, “Our country will be comfortable if we send half of the 350 thousand refugees living in Gaziantep to their hometown. 40 thousand Jarabulus returned to their hometown. For this, we wanted to make the water and the way and let the people return to their homeland. As the safe zone was established, people started to turn. Most of the lairs in Karkamış have returned ”he said.
NGO and Chamber representatives, on the other hand, thanked Mayor Şahin and his team for their efforts to make Gaziantep a more livable city and that the projects carried out are positive values ​​for the city.



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