Real Estate Investors Seeking Remedy with Property Management Service

real estate investors seeking care with property management services
real estate investors seeking care with property management services

Investors who buy real estate for rent yield are now tired of dealing with many problems with tenants. These investors, who do not have the time, are looking for a solution for property managers who provide a small number of professional management services.

The number of real estate investors willing to earn rental income is increasing day by day. However, many issues that need to be spent such as managing communication with tenants, payment and maintenance and repair follow-up are intimidating to real estate investors who want to generate passive income. In cases where the right tenant cannot be selected, most real estate investors suffer due to disagreements with the tenant due to irregular payment of the rent. Increased eviction cases against unpaid rents reveal these problems experienced by property owners. For this reason, the real estate investor has avoided making more investments.

Ömer Kaplan, owner of Kaplan Gayrimenkul, who has been in the construction and real estate business in the Antalya region for 15 years, stated that the professional property management service they started at the beginning of this year is now a must for its customers. Kaplan said, “Since Antalya is a touristic city, we sell many real estates to those coming from outside the city. However, our investors expect support after the sale and do not want us to lease their properties to any of them and retire. Our investors were afraid to invest more because of the problems they experienced. We started to provide property management services professionally so that our sales are not affected negatively. ”

The increase in tenant rates in recent years also reveals the need for property management. According to TURKSTAT data, in 2002, 100 out of every 18,7 households were tenants, while in 2018 this number reached 28,5. tenant rate in Turkey has continued to increase exponentially in the last 15 years. Even one year apart, the number of tenant households rose by 11 percent to 6,7 million.

These data show that most real estate investors who want to generate passive income from rent have multiple properties. However, property owners who cannot take care of their property at the same time are seeking remedy for property management to preserve the value of their investment. As such, many real estate consultants who wanted to facilitate the business of their investors started to provide property management services in order to provide better service.

Recently online and aimed at facilitating property management for property managers I founder Alper Ocaklı;

Iye So far, the real estate sector has been able to provide property management services on a limited basis. We aim to make the property management service easier by bringing this service to digital environment. Property managers are now very easy to provide property management services to their investors with multiple properties. In particular, it is possible for property owners to receive property management services for their homes in different locations. Because in Rentido, the property owner can choose the property manager who serves and prominently serves in that region to manage his properties in different locations and can follow the property management process for his properties through a single channel. Thus, our platform facilitates the work of property management experts while solving the problems of property owners. ”

The property management service appears to be both a remedy to the problems of investors who want to generate passive income, and a regular source of income for many professionals working in the real estate sector.

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