Infrastructure support to the real estate sector

The real estate sector infrastructure support: Prepared as of 2016, the world's leading finger on the pulse of the industry with the first quarter report on commercial real estate consulting firm of Cushman & Wakefield, in 2016, he prepared for the first quarter 'Turkey Market Analysis' published the report
He emphasized the importance of Cushman & Wakefield, 3rd Bridge, Izmit Bay Bridge, North Marmara Highway and 3rd Airport projects for the real estate sector, providing strategic services to its customers in all areas of real estate. Turkey's economic outlook, the report also included in the assessment of the development, the office market in Turkey, and Turkey's retail sector was subject under the spotlight of the industry.
In the last quarter of the year 2015 was emphasized Turkey's strong economic performance achieved. In the first quarter of 2016 years of tension in the geography where Turkey is also located within the business and investor confidence could put pressure on for the whole of this year, and it was pointed out that this statement could have a negative impact on growth.
Although the geopolitical picture is not very clear, the increase in the minimum wage 30 is expected to increase consumer spending. Consumer spending, which played a key role in the growth of 2015 in 4, is expected to have more impact on growth this year with the minimum wage increase.
On the other hand, the importance of public expenditures is reminded and consumer spending will continue to serve as the locomotive for the national economy despite the support of public expenditures on growth.
In the first quarter report of Cushman & Wakefield, it was stated that 2016 started well for the sector with ongoing development activities and increasing leases in the Istanbul office market.
In the report, it was announced that the new leasing transaction in 63.000 was realized with the effect of the repressed demand from the previous year in Istanbul, while the banking, pharmaceutical and consumer products and services sector contributed the most in these transactions. It is noted that these sectors have realized the 2016 of the first quarter of 60.
It was also stated that Turkish Airlines made leasing transactions in the 20 thousand square meter detached building and contributed to the performance of the first quarter.
67 thousand new office supplies were added in the first quarter, while the total leasable space size reached to 795 thousand square meters and the vacancy rate increased to 16,7. In addition, construction projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2,8, which has reached a million million m2 during the quarter.
It was emphasized that new opportunities were created in the sector with the provision of high-quality new office supplies in the regions, especially in the CBD (Central Business Area). These opportunities are expected to bring vitality to the office leasing sector.
The report says that new projects that will be completed within the next 18 month will increase office supply, but a deterioration in the supply-demand balance is expected with the expectation that the demand will not meet this demand. Due to the increased supply and a lack of demand, a decline in the vacancy rate is unlikely.
According to the evaluations of Cushman & Wakefield, new development zones may arise due to ongoing infrastructure projects. While the Finance Center in Ataşehir is shown as an example of these regions, it was stated that 1 million square meters of new office supply will be created for the sector thanks to the project.
In the retail market, shopping centers continued their successful performances in the first 2016 year of 3. The number of visitors to the shopping centers increased in February by 3,9 compared to the same period of the previous year, while the turnover increased by 14,8. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data from the 7,9 percent increase in retail sales was realized.
In the first quarter, the American sportswear brand Under Armor Akasya Acıbadem and the Italian cosmetics brand Kiko Milano said 'Hello' to Turkish consumers with the stores they opened in Capacity AVM. During the same period, Kocaeli and Mardin here all Turkey opened two new shopping centers, including shopping centers were provided in addition to the supply of new shopping centers 74 500 thousand square meters to the sector.
In the report, it is emphasized that the lack of quality in the market continues in the logistics sector, while REIT portfolios are one of the rare examples that can offer suitable options as quality areas. In addition, according to the needs of the construction options are important for space requirements were mentioned.
While there was no increase in the prices, the fluctuation in the exchange rates affected the rental income. This fluctuating exchange rate effect on rental income is expected to create a significant pressure on real estate prices in the coming quarters.
It is estimated that the high export volume and household consumption in the first quarter of 2016 will continue to have strong economic performance, and this data is expected to allow the protection of the balance in the industrial and logistics markets in the short term. 3. Bridge, İzmit Bay Bridge, North Marmara Highway, 3. While mentioning projects like the airport, these projects will be effective in creating new sub-markets.

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