BTS Requests Buses Between Diyarbakır and Batman

btsden request for raybus between diyarbakir batman
btsden request for raybus between diyarbakir batman

BTS Diyarbakir Branch President Nusret Basmaci, Diyarbakir-Batman for the fast and safe passenger transport requested to pass the railways.

UniversalAccording to the report of Toygar Kaya from; “United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Diyarbakır Branch President Nusret Basmacı asked for the ramuses between Diyarbakır and Batman to be used in many regions for more fast and safe passenger transportation.


Describing the use of the railcases, Basmacı said, “The railcaps are sets of four wagons that we call demo or Anatolian sets. It is a passenger train with a capacity of two hundred passengers per car, that is, close to a thousand passengers at a time. It is currently used in most of the rail network. Especially in Izmir region; Aydın, Denizli, Söke line, Eskişehir-Kütahya line and finally came between Malatya-Elazığ ”he said.


Stating that Raybus is used in places with high passenger capacity, Basmacı said that it should be used between Diyarbakır and Batman, which have the same status, and said: Batman is an expanding city with a population of five hundred thousand. We have two regional trains that run four times a day and operate only between two cities. These trains have a capacity of 300 people per day and operate at almost full capacity. At the same time, the main line of the South Express operates 5 days a week. These are mostly transported by locomotives which we call diesel electricity. It is now being built with twenty-four thousand locomotives in the fleet of our network. Since 1970 these machines have been serving this institution. They're worn out now, a lot of maintenance. Here, as organized trade unions, in line with the demands of the people, we want the railways to be used as soon as possible in this densely populated region. This request has become a necessity rather than a demand. Our rails are compatible with these sets. It is important to arrive because it is very difficult to find a place on the train, especially on weekends. The capacity of our current trains is 300 people but there are times when we find 600 ”.


Basmacı, who gave examples from other cities that use the bus, said, “For example, 3.5 hours by road between Ankara and Eskişehir, this time is reduced to 1 hour and 15 minutes by bus. For example, there is no railway connection from here to Urfa. As a result, it is a big city that lasts for two million. Eskişehir and Ankara is done on the hilly roads is quite done here, ”he said.

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