BTS Interviews with General Manager of TCDD Apaydın

📩 19/12/2018 16:43

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Central Executive Board was interviewed by TCDD General Manager İsa APAYDIN.

Chairman Hasan BEKTAŞ, Central Executive Committee members Rıza ERCİVAN, Ahmet EROĞLU and Ankara Branch President İsmail ÖZDEMİR met with Jesus APAYDIN ​​during the meeting and presented a report on the problems identified in our workplace trips and requested to take the necessary steps to solve these problems.

During the meeting; Roads and Facilities Departments were closed and replaced “The negative situation that arose with the establishment of the Directorate of Railway Maintenance and Modernization Department was shared, and the petitions requesting the resolution of the problems experienced by our members and employees were presented separately.

The report submitted to TCDD General Manager İsa APAYDIN ​​is as follows.

1- Turkey after the enactment of the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, Roads and Facilities Department unification of our institution practice has caused a lot of negativity. The fact that these Departments, although completely separate from each other, have many areas of expertise within themselves, further exacerbated this negativity, and it would be more beneficial to continue as separate Departments to achieve the objectives of the institution. Our extensive report on this subject was sent to your Directorate in July.

2- Railway Transport of Turkey TCDD employees after the process reached the enactment of the Law on the Liberalization General Directorate of Turkish State Railways and Transport Inc. to decompose substantial irregularities in the fulfillment of employees as a result of many services being experienced. A significant portion of these problems occur in workplaces where train service is provided. As a result of decomposition; Since other maneuvering and train services are planned to be carried out by logistic establishments, serious problems arise due to the lack of sufficient personnel in these establishments, lack of sufficient knowledge of these personnel and the lack of appropriate positions. Failure to resolve the issue will jeopardize the traffic and will result in both the lack of optimum use of the labor force and the deterioration of business peace.

In addition, it will be inevitable that the negativities experienced in train formation and maneuvering works will increase as a result of the private sector companies that will train trains in the following periods.

The permanent and realistic solution to this issue is that all personnel (TTM, TTİ and others) providing this service are located within the General Directorate of TCDD. or other train operators for a fee.

3- As a result of the restructuring, the housing units that were previously in the structure of TCDD are also within the TCDD General Directorate. It has deprived its personnel of housing right. Since this situation will cause permanent grievances by allocating the vacant lodgings only to TCDD General Directorate personnel, necessary arrangements should be made as soon as possible and the grievance of the personnel should be prevented. Allocations must be stopped until the arrangement is made.

In addition, irregularities are made between the groups despite the clarity of the criteria and scoring for the allocation of housing. The relevant Regional Housing Allocation Commissions should be warned.

4- kurum The Board of Directors is authorized to make the adjustment by taking into consideration the hierarchical structure and financial opportunities of the institutions and not to exceed 5% of the total cost ”. The criteria to be applied in the organization of the grouping work are important in terms of maintaining the internal hierarchical balance and ensuring business peace due to the expectations among the employees.

It has partnered with the trade unions regarding the previous studies on this subject.

In this context; It is much more efficient for the institutions and employees to create a working group that will include the trade unions for the study of how the 30130 / T-2017 decision, which entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette No. 8 and the articles we send to the institutions we are organized by our union. and to form working groups. This demand must be met.

5- In some services, in the absence of the Service Managers, the members who are in the position of a deputy and permanent Assistant Manager are not given a power of attorney. In the title of Chief, those who do not meet the requirements of the Service Manager are given a power of attorney. For example; 6. This practice should be terminated in the Support Directorate and Real Estate Construction Directorate in the region and this assignment should be made to the qualified and qualified Deputy Managers.

6- Promotion and Title Change exam is an urgent need and should be opened as soon as possible. For the personnel who have completed the required courses (Traffic Controller, Section Chief, Office Chief, Personnel Chief), especially the Section Chief and Traffic Controller need is in line phase and the grievance of the personnel should be eliminated by opening these exams as soon as possible.

7- Movement Officers and traffic personnel should be redefined within the scope of their powers and responsibilities by amending the current legislation. In addition, title change requests should be made as soon as possible for wage increase.

8- Delays and waiting should be avoided by the Traffic and Capacity Directorates by taking into consideration the train traffic in order to prevent the victimization of the personnel on the road due to traffic irregularities.

9- Line Maintenance and Repair Officers (Road Sergeants) titles and job descriptions are not included in the legislation is experiencing grievance. In order to eliminate the grievances of the employees in this title, it is necessary to pave the way for them to become Road Surveyors without any precondition (one-time without considering the educational status) by the promotion exam (such as the appointment of TTM employees as Movement Officers).

10- Some appointments within the organization are made in violation of the procedures and merit in a way that will disturb the peace of work. Namely; Although the process has been legalized by short term hull appointments to Van Ferry Plant, Karabük Road Directorate, Ankara Railway Factory Traction Pickup Directorate and Sivas Training Center Directorate, this situation is not ethical, and this impairs working peace.

11- The procedure regarding the appointment of the Supervisory Board Supervisor upon the request of the employees with the title of Supervisor was temporarily stopped by the decision of the authority. As soon as the process is activated, this will solve the problem.

12- In addition, the number of lawyers within the organization has decreased considerably with the appointment of judges and prosecutors to the Ministry of Justice. We believe that it is appropriate to evaluate the employees who are qualified to work as a lawyer in order to eliminate the deficit in this matter.

13- The contribution from employees in the cafeterias in the regions varies in each region and if this is done with the facilities of the institution as before, costs will be reduced and uniformity will be ensured.

14- Since 2013, Gebze-Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci-Halkalı commuter trains are not working. Employees who have previously used these lines are very victimized considering the traffic in Istanbul. It will be appropriate to make a protocol with IMM or to issue monthly subscription card for the elimination of this grievance and for the employees to benefit from the Istanbul Metro free of charge until the commuter lines are opened.

15- 1. By the Regional Directorate, the official dresses of the female Box Office Officers for the years 2016 / 2017 were not given without any justification.


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