Smart Intersection Solution for Antalya Urban Traffic

Smart Intersection Solution for Antalya Urban Traffic
Smart Intersection Solution for Antalya Urban Traffic

Smart Crossroad Solution to Antalya City Traffic Flow: Traffic is more fluent and economical with smart crossroads. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality started the 'Smart Junction' application at the Provincial Health Directorate Junction and Laura Junction, one of the busiest locations, to ease the traffic flow in the city. A total of 25 million 6 thousand 290 TL fuel cost savings can be achieved annually at two junctions where 503 percent improvement is observed.

In the Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System continues its activities with the aim of making traffic more smooth in urban transportation. Metropolitan Municipality also aims to make traffic faster and safer with smart intersections. With the 'Intelligent Intersection' system, the traffic data obtained from the intersections via sensors is instantaneously adjusted and the signaling is adjusted automatically. Two intersections of the city; Provincial Health Directorate Junction and Laura Junction was used in 1.5 months thanks to the application was achieved in a short time.


After the implementation of the implementation of intense traffic at both intersections between 17.00-18.00 hours on average 25 percent improvement was seen. Thanks to the system for shortening the travel times of drivers and pedestrians, annual fuel cost savings of 6 million 290 thousand 503 TL will be achieved at two intersections. In addition to fuel savings, significant reductions in emissions, which are one of the major causes of climate change and air pollution in cities, will be provided with significant benefits for public health.


Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, gave the following information about the operation of the system: ken While the current standard signaling system is implemented, the traffic flow is controlled by computers and cameras, while the duration of the lights according to the intensity experienced in the intersection is determined by the intersection controller. The lights in the direction of decreasing vehicle intensity change to instant red. Intense directions turn green and relax at intersections. With the new intersection controller and sensor-mounted fisheye camera technology, the traffic at the intersection is monitored 24 hours a day. With the system, vehicle counting and object tracking, classification, pedestrian demand management, queuing, intersection in the intersection within the intersection, traffic flow direction report, traffic arrival direction report, movement in the opposite direction, traffic flow speeds and the time the vehicles pass at the intersection can be followed. ”

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