Cunda Bridge View is Now Beautiful

The view of Cunda Bridge is more beautiful now
The view of Cunda Bridge is more beautiful now

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality replaces the side concrete walls with wrought iron railing that prevents the view on the Cunda Bridge at the request of the citizens.

The demands of the citizens who passed over the Cunda Bridge, which opened to vehicle traffic in 2017, 'We want to see the view' prompted Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz. At the request of the citizens, the municipality replaces the side walls that block the view with wrought iron railings. The stone coverings on the reinforced concrete parapet on the sides of the Cunda bridge are carefully removed and the cutting operations of the concrete parapets are performed.

It will suit AYVALIK

In addition, it was observed that the vehicles that were used to fill the sea with the filling made to the sea in the Ayvalık center and Lale Island pass, but in the determinations made, the flow was interrupted between the Edremit Bay and the inner sea of ​​Ayvalık, and the bay was contaminated due to the flow. Within the scope of the project carried out with Yıldız Technical University, the flow between the inland sea and the Gulf has been restarted. In this way, Ayvalık was provided with a transportation opportunity that suits both the district and the sea to be restored to its former naturalness.

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