Barış Manço Ferry Will Make Its First Time For The Unforgettable Artist

the baris manco ferry will make its first voyage for the unforgettable artist
the baris manco ferry will make its first voyage for the unforgettable artist

📩 31/01/2020 16:16

Barış Manço Ferry, renewed by one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality affiliates, will make its first voyage for the unforgettable artist in the 21st year of his death.

The memorable name of the Turkish music world, the owner of the immortal works, everyone's 'Peace Brother' Barış Manço, who left us 21 years ago, living in our hearts and language with his songs, is commemorated with a special ferry to be held with his own name.

City Lines, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), will meet its lovers with the famous artist with a free trip on Sunday, February 2, 2020. At the ferry meeting to be hosted by Lale Manço Ahıskalı, Doğukan Manço and Batıkan Manço, “Peace Lovers” will come together from 7 to 77.

Kadıköy - At 10.30 from Beşiktaş pier, Beşiktaş-Kadıköy Barış Manço Ferry, which will depart from 11.00 at the pier, will approach the Kanlıca Pier at 12.00. On the ferry, which will be on the way back after the grave visit, Manço's family, friends and lovers will sing the unforgettable works of the artist together.


For the organization traditionally held in the first market of February every year Kadıköy'Den shield Baris Manco steamer, will take the lead with guests from all over Turkey. In the memorial service, İSTEK Town Schools, Moda Mimar Sinan High School Students and İz Manço will interpret the songs “Barış Manço”.

A memorial expedition where representatives from all branches of art will participate and music will not be missing; Hosted by İBB, Barış Manço will be held from 7 to 77 Dolu Dizin Peace and Love Association, Manço Production and PowerTürk media sponsorship. KadıköyThe private Bosphorus expedition, which will start in Istanbul and end in Kanlıca, where the artist's tomb is located, is open to all lovers of Barış Manço.


10:30 Kadıköy Beşiktaş Pier Movement

11:00 Beşiktaş Pier Movement

12:00 Kanlıca Pier Arrival

12: 00-13: 30 Visit from Kabristan

13:40 Kanlıca Pier Return Movement

14:40 Arrival at Beşiktaş

15:10 Kadıköy Beşiktaş Pier Arrival and Event End


City Lines ferries are being renewed in line with the goals of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to improve sea lines and increase the share of sea in public transportation. In addition to the Fashion Ferry planned to be put into service in March, Barış Manço Ferry was made ready at the Haliç Shipyard prior to the commemoration of the artist.

Barış Manço Ferry, which has been undergoing intensive work for 6 months by İBB City Lines, will meet Bosporus again with its renewed face. Within the scope of the renovation works carried out on the ferry, the following processes were carried out:

- Ground trees were renewed on the main deck and upper deck of the ship, old floors were polished,

- The floor coverings of the main and upper deck passenger lounges have been changed,

- All position (passenger) doors of the ship were taken into maintenance, paint and varnish were done,

- The outdoor (open deck) seats of the ship were greatly renewed, the old ones were polished,

- The passenger toilets of the ship were completely renewed, the toilets were converted into obstructions,

- Upholstery of 80 seating groups (multiple seats) has been changed in passenger lounges,

- The passenger lounge ventilation channels of the ship have been repaired,

- The engine room pipe circuits, valves and engine room floor plates of the ship have been renewed,

- 60 tons of sheet metal was changed in the underwater area and tanks of the ship,

- The railings in the open areas of the ship were renewed,

- Shaft and propeller maintenance and repairs of the ship were done,

- The passenger hall combs of the ship have been replaced and repaired,

- Additional personnel cabins were built on the ship,

- The passenger room windows of the ship have been sealed,

- All underwater and surface surfaces of the ship were painted,

- The machinery, generators and boiler systems of the ship were repaired,

- All the electrical installations of the ship were renewed.

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