Sivas' Eye Baby TÜDEMSAŞ Should Return to Its Old Days

Sivasin eye baby tudemsas cannot be left alone
Sivasin eye baby tudemsas cannot be left alone

Fatih Kalkan, Sivas Provincial Chairman of the Welfare Party, made a striking statement about the future of TÜDEMSAŞ.

Shields said in his statement said: "One of the largest and leading industrial organizations in Sivas in Central Anatolia, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) almost dark clouds travel over.

The leading establishment of our Sivas, which was founded in 1934 and continued its activities as Sivas Draw Workshop in 1939, has turned into a factory that has been losing blood from day to day.

Turkey's first domestic steam locomotive on 22 October 29, the 1961nd anniversary of the establishment "Bozkurt" taken into service again successfully in the engine block of the revolution has made this factory cars again in the same year. We are asking the officials of “TÜDEMSAŞ”, who is 81 years old and full of historical achievements, with its renewed technology and superior capacity.

  • Is production done at TÜDEMSAŞ?
  • Why are orders suspended for 2019 - 2021?
  • Why did “TÜDEMSAŞ” have such technology and business capacity, and outsourced service?
  • Why did contractors apply to terminate their contracts?
  • Why is the number of staff decreasing?
  • Who will be responsible if the non-production factory is damaged?
  • Do you have someone's eyes on TÜDEMSAŞ's land as in the past?

As the "Welfare Party" we say

How can a city without industrial development be developed? While our existing values ​​will be hope for future generations, who plays with the fate of this city? We will not let anyone play with the fate of this city. Hopefully, "TÜDEMSAŞ" will return to its old days and move forward with the understanding of National Vision and National (heavy) Industry. It will be the locomotive in the development of our Sivas. "Great Sivas News)

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