Shipping Companies Uzbekistan

shipping companies from uzbekistan
shipping companies from uzbekistan

Since international road truck transportation is one of the indispensable methods of today in terms of export and import, many logistics companies have started to operate in our country. Among these companies, there are rare companies that can provide service to both European and Asian countries at the same time and one of these companies is Şah Global Lojistik. The company started its activities in Mersin many years ago and in time, it has started its branches and liaison offices in many provinces.

Although Şah Global Logistics offers export and import transportation services related to European countries, it also works with Asian countries to a great extent. Uzbekistan is one of the leading Asian countries where it provides transportation services. Shipping to Uzbekistan Our company is highly experienced in the field of global logistics, complete truck transportation, partial transport, heavy gabari heavy transport, container transport and frigo transport, such as the dominant position in many areas of the named methods and makes logistic studies. Our company is able to transport the products in the embargoed by using the route over Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in addition to the route over Iran, and offers full-range logistics services with its freight transport authorization certificate, Turkish and foreign plate trucks and experienced drivers and operation team.

Uzbekistan Partial transport demands at least at the rate of complete truck transportation, the company also shows importance in this area, depending on the partial warehouses in Istanbul, which is activated by making weekly departures, especially Tashkent customs delivery offers partial transport services. Shipping companies Uzbekistan Our company Şah Global Logistics, which is one of the rare organizations that continues its way without compromising its vision, mission and principles since the day it stepped into the sector, does not compromise its customer satisfaction oriented works.

Since the head office and branch offices are operating with 7 / 24 working mentality, all of Uzbekistan's written and verbal requests are evaluated instantly by our experienced operation team, and the most appropriate freight offers and transportation conditions are provided to the customers with the most appropriate freight offers and transportation conditions.

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